Of all of the popular drinks in the world, one of the most beneficial is green tea. Known for its dietary benefits and immense usages for health benefits, green tea has seen a massive upswing in its fame despite its continued use for thousands of years. The taste and comfort within a glass of green tea is unmatched by any other drink.

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But, did you know that green tea offers amazing cognitive benefits? Read on to know more about these benefits.

What Is Green Tea?

Green teas have been used for thousands of years for their health and physical benefits. The large number of antioxidants in green teas makes the drink a great way to boost your energy and metabolism. The sheer number of green teas makes it difficult for some to sift through and learn the benefits. Green teas are one of the most unprocessed tea leaves available on the market. They contain the highest amount of catechins, which has been linked to having benefits for cancer recovery.

Different teas have different benefits for every person. Choosing the right Japanese green tea is important because they are all different. The biggest benefit that people look for in green tea is the caffeine level. The amount of caffeine varies based on how the leaf was grown and processed. Matcha, for instance, has as much caffeine as several espresso shots because you ingest the full tea leaf. Other green teas may be chemically decaffeinated. Checking the level of antioxidants and catechins is the best way to increase the cognitive benefits of these teas.

Green tea boosts working memory

While we all know that green tea has some wonderful benefits for your health and beauty regimen, new studies have shown that green tea enhances your cognitive processing speed! While studying green tea during cancer research, scientists realized that this amazing substance has benefits for patients who also suffered from dementia. The patients with dementia were able to boost their working memory, allowing them to recall details by increasing the brain’s effective connectivity. These connections were increased temporarily after ingesting the drink.

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In another study, researchers gave a group one soft drink that contained green tea and other soft drink which did not. After drinking the soft drink, the volunteers were then asked to solve working memory tasks. An MRI of these participants showed a large increase in the actions in the sections of the brain responsible for memory. Though this effect is short term, it might make you think twice about choosing a soft drink over tea.

Green tea reduces anxiety

We’ve all taken a sip of warm tea and suddenly just felt more at ease with the world, right? This isn’t just something that is psychosomatic! This effect is actually true! In scientific studies on the effects of green tea, researchers found that green tea reduced symptoms of anxiety in test participants. While students were taking a test, the group that chose the green tea drink were significantly more relaxed and exhibited little to no brain activity consistent with anxiety. While the green tea impacted the working memory, the students were able to retrieve information without experiencing the stress response of the recall. It also allowed them to recall information faster and draw connections between topics that other participants were not able to make. While the scientists were unable to determine what compounds in the green tea did this, it was undeniable that this effect was occurring on the MRI.

Green tea helps you maintain a positive mood

Green tea contains several chemical compounds naturally. One of the most important compounds that makes up green tea is high polyphenol. This is an antioxidant, which possessed numerous health benefits. But, most notably, it possesses the wonderful ability to make you feel happier.

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An added benefit of these antioxidants is that it helps to fight neurological conditions and protects your neurological state! The compound fights off conditions that can cause memory lapses and failure. These antioxidants are critical in increasing your dopamine production, which is ultimately where your positive moods come from. It also helps you to improve your natural emotional regulation!

While many people use green tea for the health benefits it has for your body, you may find that the benefits it has for your brain are just as important. By drinking green tea, you are able to enhance your cognitive functioning skills, reduce your anxiety, and maintain a more positive mood. By utilizing green tea in your everyday diet, you can further decrease your risk of worrying about neurological diseases and increase your ability to self regulate naturally within your brain. So, what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to start!

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