Most people know that fish oil is good for you, but what exactly does it do for you? There are some top benefits that you should know about before you start taking fish oil capsules.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

The cardioprotective properties of fish oil are revered and this comes from the omega-3 fatty acid content. These acids have been down to reduce serum triglycerides and increase HDL cholesterol levels which is the healthy one. This is done by decreasing the amount of fatty acid which is taken to the liver and slowing down fatty acid synthesis while inhibiting the enzymes which create triglycerides in the blood.

When there are less of these harmful substances in the blood, the heart will be able to continue working efficiently. There are studies which have shown that the intake of these acids is linked to a decrease in the risks of heart failure.

Reducing Inflammation

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications come with a lot of side effects that you may want to avoid. This is where fish oil will come into play as it is an effective alternative which helps to reduce inflammation. This can be very useful for people who suffer from conditions which cause chronic inflammation such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease. Expert Lea Christensen from the Danish health website agrees this this statement. She has several years of experience with health and can confirm that fish oil can have notable positive effects.

In 2006, a study was conducted which confirmed the powerful effects that fish oil can have on people with chronic back and neck pain. The researchers provided fish oil supplements to the participants and in a matter of months, around 60% had stopped taking their NSAID medications for pain. In the same time, 80% of participants were satisfied with the improvement in pain from the fish oil.

Helps With Vision Problems

The development of normal vision is something that is linked to omega-3 acids. Research has found that pre-term infants who are fed formulas that have DHA which is a component of fish oil will have better vision and perception. This is compared to infants who were fed formula without any omega-3 supplementation.

Omega-3 acids can also help later in life by reducing vision problems. This will include dry eye syndrome and macular degeneration. In 2009, a study found that people with a higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids will have a 30% reduced risk of developing macular degeneration over a 12 year period.

Helping With Weight Loss

While it might seem strange that fatty acids will help with weight loss, it is actually true. This was proven in a 2015 study which looked at the beneficial calorie effects of fish oil in an animal trial. The trial was performed on mice.

The mice were split into 2 groups and both were fed fatty foods while only one group was given the fish oil supplement. The researchers found that the group which received the fish oil gained a significantly less amount of weight and fat. They also had faster glucose levels and lower insulin levels.

The theory behind this is that the fish oil is able to convert the white fat into brown fat. This is done by activating the protein called UCP1. Brown fat is considered more beneficial than white fat as it is able to burn up more calories. The more calories are burnt the more weight is lost.

It Could Prevent Alzheimer’s

The boost to brain health is the most publicized benefit of fish oil. In fact, this oil has been shown to prevent Alzheimer’s which is a devastating condition that affects almost 50% of people over 85. Researchers found that a high serum level of omega-3 will slow brain atrophy by 70%.

There is another study which found that omega-3 supplements can improve memory function in adults from the age of 50 to 75. With all of the evidence that links omega-3 fatty acids to brain health, there is a call from medical professionals for the wider use of fish oil in the preventative treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Keeping Your Skin Clear

Not only are your heart, brain, and eyes protected by fish oil, it can also keep your skin clean and soft. Fish oil will help to hydrate the skin and it stimulates the production of healthy skin cells. This oil has also been linked to improvements in wrinkles and psoriasis. The Mediterranean diet, which is high in omega-3, has been shown to also have a positive effect on acne.

Omega 3 and Sleeping

Studies show that Omega 3 can help with sleep disorders. Here is an excellent guide.

Helping Your Mental Health

There is a growing amount of evidence that shows that omega-3 fatty acids are vital to mental health. The DHA and EPA which are omega-3 acids found in fish oil are vital to the central nervous system. The DHA will keep the neuronal membranes healthy and working while the EPA keeps the neuronal activity normal.

There are studies which have also found a link between a low intake of omega-3 in the diet and depression. There are trials involving depression and schizophrenia which have shown a reported therapeutic effect from fish oil. There is other research that also indicates that fish oil can be used for borderline personality disorder and ADHD.

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