The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay at home and not socialise so all places like gyms, swimming pools, parks and yoga classes will be closed until further notice. In a situation like this, it becomes elementary to start gaining weight and losing muscle mass. For all the people who train regularly, it has become a problem which needs an optimum solution. Working out at home is the available option, but people think it will not be as effective as working out in the gym or going for laps in a swimming pool. The truth is that it will not be as effective as lifting weights at a gym because it is not possible to have all that expensive gear at home, in turn, you can workout using your body weight and train at home. Although not as efficient as a gym but much better than not working out. In any case, if you feel that workout at home will not be challenging, well you might need to rethink. There are a lot of ways to work those muscles using household objects and your weight.  If you are one of those who exercise daily or one of those who want to know where to start, here are some tips and tricks to staying healthy at home.

It’s all in the diet.

People tend to overlook the most critical component of a healthy lifestyle, diet. A healthy diet assures that your body will work better; it will help in growing muscle mass and repairing damaged tissues. The first thing to avoid is sugar and refined carbohydrates. If you want a well-sculpted body, you will have to reduce your fat percentage and increase your muscle mass. Your diet will need to have a mix of the right amount of protein, nutrients, vitamins and healthy carbs. Carbohydrates are of two types, simple and complex. Simple carbs are like energy bombs, they get digested quickly, and the body is unable to understand what should it do with so much energy, so it stores it like fat. Complex carbs, on the other hand, are filled with fibre and are slow to digest help you keep full for a long time. If you are looking to lose weight fast, you can opt for a fasting scheme like intermittent fasting or a keto diet. Without a healthy diet, it is impossible to have a good physique and a healthy lifestyle.

At-home workouts

There are a million ways to strain those muscles and effective shred fat. The best workout is one which consists of both resistance training and cardio. To lower your fat percentage, you will have to combine both of them. Cardio burns fat when you are engaged in the activity like running, jogging or skipping, this is known as the active burning of fat. Resistance or strength training creates microscopic tears in your muscles and requires a time of  36-48 hours to heal, during this process the body uses up stored fat to help in this process, this is known as the passive burning of fat. Few of the common exercises for home are pushups of different kinds for your chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Russian twists, leg raises and crunches for your abs and a variety of squats for your legs and glutes. One should always engage in warm-up exercises before the workout and some cool-down stretches post-workout.  You can substitute weights with milk and water jugs by filling them with water or stones depending upon how heavy would you want to lift. Rest is vital, and you need to have eight hours of sleep so that your body can heal and get its strength back.

Getting a pair of CrossFit shoes

Shoes are something which helps create balance enhance performance during a workout. A pair of the best shoes for crossfit will have a thin and sturdy sole which will assist you in lifting heavyweights. Another benefit of CrossFit shoes is that you won’t have to carry different pairs for cardio and weight training; these shoes are designed in such a wat that they can accommodate both activities effortlessly. From jumping, running, stretching, or martial arts, these shoes prove to be versatile. They help to maintain a great posture and form, which is essential while working out. Apart from everything, these shoes are very comfortable and elegantly stylish.

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