Sleeping next to your phone is a terrible idea. Even if you need your phone at night, you need to avoid using it an hour or so before you hit the sack. It does not matter if there is content you want to see or tasks you need to finish. When you are about to sleep, you should not use your phone. These are some reasons why it is terrible for your health

You will feel tempted to use the phone

It is easy to give in to temptation when it is right next to you. When you cannot fall asleep quickly, you might open your phone and browse content. You think that it will help you fall asleep again, but it will not. If anything, the blue light given off by your phone will make things worse

You could set your pillow on fire

Although the cases are rare, it is still possible for this problem to happen. Your phone battery could overheat. As a result, it could melt and set your sheets and pillows on fire. Given how thin the fabrics are, the fire could easily engulf them

You will have difficulty sleeping

The problem with the use of phones is that they inhibit the production of a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. As such, it tells your brain that it is still too early to sleep even when you have closed your eyes. The best suggestion is to stop using your phone at least two hours before you sleep.

Phones emit radiation

You already know that phones give off radiation. You might not be aware though that even when the phone is not in use, it continues doing it. Sleeping next to your phone could give you several hours of exposure. If you do it each night, you might end up with illnesses caused by radiation. It is even worse for kids since they do not have a fully developed immune system, unlike adults. The good thing is you can use EMF protection jewellery which you can wear even if you are sleeping. It does not mean though that you should feel complacent because you already have protection.

You are not setting a good example for your kids

It is difficult for you to tell your kids to stop using their phones or to have a time limit when using their phones at night if you are not doing the same. You need to be credible when giving this rule by following it too.

You do not want negative information to wake you up

You want to start the new day right. However, when you wake up to negative news on your notifications, it might be difficult for you to stay positive. You can change your morning routine and deal with the negative news later.

Given these reasons, it is best not to use your phone in bed. It might seem challenging at first, but you can overcome your addiction.

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