You have just undergone the pregnancy test and the results are positive! What a joy! It’s a moment of celebration and that’s totally understandable. But now that the dust has cooled down, there are various things that are going to change in your daily life and some vital precautions to take. And that includes going through an ultrasound every so often or as advised by your doctor. But if you have been hesitant about it and couldn’t understand why it’s important, then you’re reading the correct post.


Below are some of the top reasons as to why you shouldn’t skip your pregnancy ultrasound appointment;

For Confirmation Of Pregnancy

As much as you have been experiencing all pregnancy symptoms with a positive testing kit, you should always aspire to confirm your pregnancy. And that can be done through an ultrasound. You see, studies indicate that 1/3 of all pregnancies are lost every other year in the early weeks through natural miscarriages. And some of them are hardly serious so could be easily ignored.

Helps To Tell The Baby’s Age And Growth

If you want to ascertain how far you’re with your pregnancy, then you should depend on ultrasound measurements as opposed to only the last monthly period calculations. This is specifically important for women with irregular periods as it’s difficult to tell the time they got pregnant. The same case applies to those who are considering abortion as they get to know the available options based on gestation.

Helps Identify Placenta Issues

The position of the placenta is vital during pregnancy. This is because it determines the health of both the mother and the baby. With an ultrasound, some issues such as the placenta previa, vasa previa, etc can be detected on time and cautionary measures taken to prevent the worst from happening.

Allows You To Check Your Baby’s Overall Development

Listening to your baby’s heartbeat is a thrilling experience for any expectant mother. And you can fulfill this curiosity through the use of an ultrasound. You will also be able to get a glimpse of their muscle tones and movements. And if your doctor uses a good-brand ultrasound, then you can even get a clue of their appearance. Currently, the market is filled with various brands, and one of them happens to be the people’s favorite; samsung ultrasound.Most experts swear by them because of their technological capabilities.So if you want a near to a physical view of your growing baby, choose health facilities with 3D-4D ultrasound machines.

Monitoring Multiple Pregnancies

This could be anything from twins upwards. These types of pregnancies are normally termed special risk and must be monitored often to avoid unnecessary complications. From the twin to twin transfusion to high cases of cervical incompetence, it’s always good to be on guard.

Being pregnant and the confirmation of pregnancy is a joyful moment for any upcoming parents. But with the joy, comes tons of responsibilities, some of which can only be carried out through the aid of ultrasound. It’s, therefore, our hope that you found the above article helpful towards pushing you not to miss that much-awaited ultrasound appointment. We wish you a safe pregnancy!

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