Healthcare is one of the biggest issues in our nation and our homes. The UK spends approximately $200 billion in healthcare each year.

Keep reading to learn more about the biggest healthcare challenges of today and the near future.

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Whether it’s protecting your physical well-being or the confidentiality of personal information, security is an important issue.

Hospitals have been essentially held hostage by computer hackers locking them out of their systems. Security and data breaches are more frequent and increasingly difficult to prevent as technology advances and hackers improve their skills.

The cyber world isn’t the only place where security is an issue in healthcare. Physical assaults on staff and patients are increasing while funding continues to be cut. This leaves the task of keeping the hospital safe to minimum wage security guards with little training.

Longer, More Stressful Lives

The sheer number of patients needing medical and mental health support is a strain on the system. People are living longer and expecting more from their healthcare.

Longer lives for aging parents means more financial, emotional and physical stress on grown children. Mental health and geriatric services are both in crisis as the numbers increase.

How the healthcare system affects one person can affect the physical and mental health of everyone else in the family or community.

Complex issues such as how to limit medical mistakes, enforce infection control or determine what causes addiction is viewed differently. This means treatment can be disjointed. Varying treatment strategies, longer wait times and less staff available means care isn’t always equal.

Finances and Politics

One of the biggest challenges in every aspect of healthcare is the finances and politics around it. As demands increase for healthcare services politicians and administrations must make tough cuts to funding in some areas while putting more money into others.

When one area needs more money it has to be pulled from another department. As the cost of living goes up, the cost of healthcare skyrockets making financial decisions more difficult than ever. For a comprehensive guide on your healthcare options, please have a look at Alignment Health Plan.

Technology and Medical Advances

How can technology and advances in medicine be negative? The difficulty here is that with advancement comes expenses.

New machines are created every day and many of them cost millions or even billions of dollars. This can mean to provide the most innovative care you have to take money from other areas like staffing.

This also causes expense in having to retrain staff to implement and use the new system or technology.

Training and Professional Education

Proper training and continued professional education are crucial to providing the best care. This is a challenge in terms of logistics, finances and staff turnover.

As hospitals and organizations attempt to cut costs and are often short staffed it becomes a huge challenge to keep all staff trained and comfortable with the most recent technology and administration practices.

You also have the struggle of internet educations for patients. Everyone has access to information which is great but not all of it is accurate. Patients either demand more from their healthcare team because of inaccurate internet research or they don’t listen to professionals because of it.

Finding Solutions for Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare challenges will always arise but are more easily solved when everyone is working together to find solutions. To learn more about why accountability is crucial in healthcare, ways of caring for the aging population, or more topics related to healthcare connect with us today.

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