The human body contains about one thousand species of bacteria inside the guts. Many researchers have come to a conclusion that there are trillions of them and they all are doing useful work for the human body. The microbes in our body carry about a lac genes and this allows them to perform important and essential tasks. Microbes help us digest food and produce minerals and vitamins. They also keep us safe from catching diseases by killing the bacteria.

Microbes, essentially help build the body and sculpt our organs as and when we age. There is no denying the fact that microbes play a very important role in the human body and are essential for our well being. They also influence our behavior and our thought process. Studies have shown that microbes can influence your personality, mood and are related to stress and anxiety. Each individual’s microbial formulation depends on the location, diet and medical history. Different biomes play a different role in the human body. Hence, diversity is very important. Diverse microbes bring more skills to the body and work in unison to enhance your health and well being.

There are more than 1000 microbes inside your mouth, about 150 behind the ear, around 440 in the forearm and thousands of them inside your intestines. They are basically present in every part of your body and they play a significant role in keeping every body part in sync and physically active. It is important to maintain a strong balance in the different types of biomes present inside the body. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria which means there should be a balance between the two. When you diversify your diet, you can help diversify the bacteria inside your body.

What should you eat?

In order to build healthy microbiome, fermented foods are ideal. These include miso soup, pickled cabbage and live yogurt. You can also consume garlic, bananas, artichokes and whole grains. They offer good fiber to the body.

You should concentrate on these seven foods to enhance your gut bacteria.

  • Jerusalem artichokes: They are high in inulin which gives them a strong prebiotic potential. Inulin is a fiber which travels into the body from the large intestine and it reaches the colon. It then becomes healthy microflora. You can find high quantity of inulin in leeks, asparagus, bananas and onions.
  • Bananas: Eating bananas regularly has a number of benefits. It restores the health of the bacterial community and reduces inflammation. They also help maintain balance in the bacterial community and are an ideal solution for an upset stomach.
  • Polenta: Polenta is a carbohydrate which is high on fiber and is corn based. It is a fermentable component and helps foster a healthy gut. It will travel to the colon directly and will ferment into various strands of gun flora.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli contains sulfur that is broken down by the microbes in order to release substances which reduce inflammation and eliminate the risk of breast, bladder, stomach, lung, liver, stomach and colon cancer. Broccoli shows results in the long run. Any cruciferous vegetable can be consumed in place of broccoli and it will reduce the risk of cancer substantially.
  • Blueberries: The biggest benefit of blueberries is their ability to modify the microbiota and enhance immune function. Blueberries are considered a superfood due to the antioxidants, fiber and vitamin K compounds and it shows impressive results. They also help strengthen the memory, diversify the bacteria in the gut and improves the immune system.
  • Beans: Legumes help release the fatty acids which strengthen intestine cells and improve the absorption of micronutrients inside the body. Hence, beans are an ideal food which can feed good bacteria and will enhance the immune system. Beans offer nutrition, calories, fiber, vitamin B and proteins to the body. They will help regulate good gut health and a healthy brain. Beans also help in weight loss.
  • Miso and tempeh: As mentioned above, fermented foods have the ability to improve your gut health and there is a reason they are trending. Fermented foods like miso and tempeh inoculate the gut with healthy microorganisms which will crowd the unhealthy bacteria and get rid of them. Fermented foods also improve the absorption of the materials and substantially improve your overall health.

Additionally, microbe formulas gut cleanse supplements help you get rid of the toxins from your body and ensure that only the good bacteria is present. These supplements boost the gut bacteria which are worth increasing. It has been noted that bacteria in the supplements stick inside your gut to change the microbiome balance and it has long term results.

The supplements have proved to be very useful to old and young patients and it helps prevent stomach upsets from taking antibiotics. It is advisable to avoid meat if you want the right microbe balance in the body.

You need to keep in mind that you are not eating for yourself but also for the trillions of bacteria that are present inside your body. These tiny creatures govern your health and you owe it to them for your good health and well being. If you accommodate even one of the above mentioned foods into your daily diet, you will notice a substantial improvement in your health and well being. You can start in small pieces and then increase them eventually. This should not be a one time process, you need to ensure that you eat nutritious and quality diet for the long term. There are endless benefits of a healthy gut and in order to ensure that you health is compromised due to the lack of bacteria in the gut, you need to consume a diet which will help maintain the balance.

You can also choose to consume the supplements if you are unable to add the fermented food, beans and berries into your diet. The supplements will give you the same results in the long term.

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