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More and more people nowadays are getting into fitness, which is incredible news for global health statistics. For this reason, plenty of routines based on various ideas and serving different purposes have appeared on the market. And perhaps one of the most popular and widely discussed ones is the Max Workouts program.

The Max fitness plan consists of full-body exercises, circuit training, and interval workouts, which are all quite physically demanding activities. It was designed by Shin Otake, a former competitive athlete who used his prior knowledge of the field of training to design a compact, yet highly effective routine.

It bases its weight loss and muscle building results on the sheer power of exercise alone, instead of focusing on calorie restrictions, or sorting the food you eat by color and other tedious concepts. Here is a brief guide to the Max Workouts training schedule, one of the most intense fitness programs on the market.


According to a review published by, the main goal of the Max Workouts program is to burn fat and leave behind a perfectly chiseled athletic body. This is achieved through very intense physical activity sustained over a period of 90 days or roughly about three months.

The focus of the program is on building muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. Thus, for three days a week, practitioners are required to pursue strength training, while the two in between are reserved for cardio intervals. This amounts to a total of five days per week during which you need to work out so that you reach the objectives outlined by the Max fitness plan.

What is more, every session lasts no more than 20 to 30 minutes. Although you have to pursue them for the full working week, they won’t take too much out of your day. Thus, the target of the Max Workouts program can be accomplished without disrupting your professional and personal life.


The Max Workouts fitness plan requires access to a few additional pieces of equipment. While the fact that it requires props might seem like a disadvantage, these necessities are rather basic ones that you can acquire easily. All you need is either a barbell or some dumbbells, as well as a pull-up bar to install in your home.

For the cardio interval portion of the routine, an indoor or outdoor bike will do the trick, as will a treadmill. You can also do your training with a treadmill which costs less than $1000, Fitnessabout has a list of treadmills which are great and recommended. But if you don’t want to go out and purchase such a hefty piece of exercise equipment, running will do just as well. In fact, it can provide you with better cardio and a lot more muscle toning opportunities than other options.


The Max Workouts fitness plan is a 120-page book that is sold in an electronic format under the form of a downloadable PDF file. The information contained in it is comprehensive and straightforwardly stipulated, and the exercises are accompanied by photographs for added clarity. The basic version costs 40 dollars.

The obvious advantage to its set-up is that the plan becomes the perfect choice for when you’re on the go because you can carry the PDF around effortlessly on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. This gives you the possibility to continue your sessions even when you have to leave home for work or travel related purposes.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note at this point that, while the book itself costs 40 dollars, there are also a few extras that you can purchase separately. These include videos and even a complete diet plan that is Shin Otake-approved. If you opt to add these to your package as well, the entire deal will amount to roughly 100 dollars.

This might sound like a lot to pay for a three-month exercise program. However, if the Max Workouts plan is something that you are interested in and that you consider suits your needs, paying a little over 30 dollars per months to achieve your goals is more than feasible. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you.


By its very nature, the Max fitness plan is an intense workout routine that is not suitable for beginners. In fact, the program’s website states that those who are just getting into regular exercise should start off with something less challenging. Thus, this particular approach is catered towards people who are already athletic.

The target audience of Max Workouts consists of people who used to exercise regularly, either at home or at the gym but have since fallen off the wagon. They might lead a sedentary life now, but in the past, they were rather fit and are wishing to return to that state. This is the public of the program.


The Max Workouts fitness plan designed by Shin Otake is an intensive 3-month workout routine targeted towards people that want to get back into exercising or improve their already stellar performance. It is not something for beginners to try out. The results achieved are amazing, but they come with a hefty price tag attached. Thus, it’s up to you to decide how to proceed.

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