As anyone will testify, marathon running is no walk in the park. It’s tough and gruelling – and that’s just about the training. Let’s not even talk about the effects of the event itself.

Something else that a lot of runners are concerned about is losing muscle mass. As we all know, cardiovascular activity is something that can impact your waistline, all in a good way. Usually, you will be shedding fat. However, there will be times where your body takes over and you also start to lose muscle – and this is the effect that nobody wants.

In fact, this is one of the big reasons why a lot athletes (i.e. people who lift weights at the gym) opt to avoid long distance runs. This is the reason we have put together today’s post and we will now take a look at three ways in which you can preserve your muscle mass whilst training for a marathon run.

Get on top of your supplementation

Supplements can sometimes be given a bad name, but this tends to be because of the historic abuse that involved illegal steroids.

Nowadays, supplementation is a necessity for most forms of training. Sure, you can attempt to go without it, but your results are going to be gradual to say the least and dare we say it, quite frustrating.

In relation to marathon running, the big supplement you should be turning to is BCAA’s. Short for branched chain amino acids, these are something that can help your body turn to fat for energy. In truth, the benefits are endless, but specifically for marathon running this is a key reason to use them and can ensure that your muscles remain preserved as you fight through the miles.

The power of carbs

In a similar vein to the previous point we mentioned, something else that was once given a bad name was carbohydrates. In fact, there have even been specific diets devised that aim to rid your body of them as much as possible.

Well, for marathon running, they are absolutely essential.

As we all know, tapping into complex carbs is a key form of energy for your body. In other words, when you turn to them, you are giving your body elusive fuel.

There are further benefits to carbs though. If your body is lacking carbs, the first avenue it will turn to is to tap into your muscle supplies. Of course, if you have enough carbohydrates in the first place, this isn’t going to occur.

Make sure you eat enough

Finally, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of eating enough food. A lot of people running a marathon actually do so for the reason of losing weight, so almost starve their body in the process. The problem with this is that again, their muscle stores are used.

In short, make sure you eat enough of the right foods. As well as carbohydrates to fuel your journey, make sure you turn to enough protein to build up your muscle as well.

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