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It’s estimated that there are nearly 1 billion smokers worldwide.

Most people are aware that smoking is extremely harmful. In fact, it’s the number one cause of preventable disease and death. And while cigarette smoking has greatly decreased over the last 25 years, many people still find it difficult to quit.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, getting into vaping is an option with a promising success rate. It’s better for your health, saves you money, and offers a variety of flavor options suited to your tastes.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, read on to learn why you should quit smoking and how to start vaping.

Why Quit Smoking?

Regardless of whether you smoke one cigarette or one pack per day, there’s no safe level of cigarette smoke. Every time you take a puff, the more than 7,000 chemicals in that cigarette go into your lungs. They’re also carried throughout your bloodstream and into every one of your organs.

Smokers are at a higher risk of developing diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema. They also have a much higher rate of chronic bronchitis, stroke, and at least 13 kinds of cancer besides lung cancer.

But within 20 minutes of being smoke-free, your physical health starts to improve. The longer you go without smoking, the more years you add to your life.

For example, a smoker who quits before the age of 40 cuts their chances of dying from smoking-related diseases by 90%. And a smoker who quits between the ages of 45 and 54 cuts those chances by nearly 70%.

Quitting smoking also has an impact on those around you. It means the people you love and care about won’t be exposed to secondhand smoke as a result of your smoking.

Why Start Vaping?

It’s no secret that quitting smoking is extremely difficult. That difficulty increases depending on the length of time you’ve smoked as well as the number of cigarettes you typically smoke. But making the switch to vaping can help with that.

When you switch to vaping, you avoid the finality of quitting. And by avoiding that final inhale and all the pressure associated with quitting, you also avoid the fear.

But why would you switch to vaping? We’ll give you the top 5 reasons in more detail below.

1. Your Health

When you switch to vaping, you’re making a healthier choice for your body. You’ll notice those effects almost right away. In fact, almost immediately, your blood pressure will begin to drop.

Because you’re no longer consuming the poisonous carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes, you’ll also have more oxygen in your bloodstream. Your lungs will start cleaning out the debris and mucus that’s built up over time and you’ll be able to breathe much easier. You’ll notice improvements in your physical stamina and your smoker’s cough will slowly disappear.

Within the first week, your nerves will begin to heal, your risk of heart attack significantly decreases, and you’ll feel proud of the fact that you’ve kicked your habit – so there are mental health benefits as well.

2. Manage Your Nicotine

When you purchase cigarettes, you get what you’re given. There’s no real way to know exactly what’s in that cigarette. But one thing is for sure – it’s packed with nicotine (aka the chemical compound that makes cigarettes so highly addictive).

When you switch to vaping, you have complete control over your nicotine intake. You can choose the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid while still enjoying some of the feelings of smoking.

Over time and at your own pace, you can slowly reduce your reliance on it. There’s no way to do that with a regular cigarette.

3. Save Money

In an effort to deter people from taking up the habit, the cost of cigarettes is constantly increasing. It’s an expensive and damaging addiction that can cost a pack-a-day smoker an average of $22,920 over ten years.

As long as you don’t switch to disposable vapes, switching to vaping is an economical choice. E-liquids are relatively inexpensive. If you perform regular maintenance on your vaping device, it will last you years.

But even more than that is the money saved on your healthcare. Because quitting smoking leads to better overall health, the costs of your future healthcare are significantly reduced as well.

4. Better Chance of Staying Smoke-Free

People trying to quit without the help of a smoking cessation program fail 95% of the time. One of the main reasons for this is the severe withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. These include:

  • Constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Increase in appetite
  • Sugar cravings
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Acute cravings
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Many of these symptoms are the result of nicotine withdrawal. But when you switch to vaping, you don’t have to cut yourself off from nicotine. This is why getting into vaping can help you sustain your smoke-free lifestyle.

5. More Flavor and Options

This benefit is really two benefits in one. First, quitting smoking will increase your sense of taste. Because you’re not consuming the chemicals that reduce your ability to taste foods (and even smell scents), your palate will improve and everything with seem more flavorful.

On the other hand, vaping gives you more options in terms of the flavor of the e-juice you use. Let’s admit it: nobody thinks that cigarettes taste good. But e-juice has a wide range of delicious flavors to choose from – and you can even pick from e-liquids that have a traditional tobacco flavor while you ease yourself off of smoking.

How to Start Vaping

Over the last 15 years, vaping has become increasingly popular. We’ve come a long way since Joseph Robinson’s 1930’s patent for an “Electronic Vaporizer.” But with the same MODS that bring us temperature control, safety features, and tons of customizable options, getting into vaping can seem overwhelming.

If you’re learning how to start vaping in order to help you quit smoking, don’t get caught up in all the lingo and vaping tricks. The best thing to do is to keep things simple – because that’ll give you the best chance of successfully quitting.

Below we’ve broken down the vape basics. When you’re just beginning vaping, this is all you need to know to get started.

Be Patient

Some people who vape are looking for a huge cloud of vapor. Others are looking for the best flavor or that which tastes closest to a real cigarette, and still, others are looking for the vape that will help them perform the coolest vape tricks.

When you’re beginning vaping, you have no idea what you’re looking for. As a newcomer to the vaping world, you’ll need to practice patience and be open to experimentation. Only then will you figure out what kind of vaping experience you prefer.

Get Your Equipment

With that in mind, your first vape should be one that’s easy to set up, easy to maintain, and that you can use without too much troubleshooting. Your best bet is to start with a vaping starter kit. These come with all the tools you need to begin vaping.

For some of the best vaping for beginners kits, visit Misthub. Beyond maybe changing your liquid, you’ll probably never have to progress to a different vape after trying these.

Choosing Your Nicotine Level

Perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when you’re getting into vaping, your nicotine level can make your transition from smoking to vaping far easier. Of course, don’t choose an e-liquid with no nicotine or you won’t be able to curb the withdrawal.

Most manufacturers of e-liquids offer their juice in a range of 0 mg to 6 mg. Manufacturers of stronger juices can go as high as 30 mg.

To find what’s right for you is a matter of experimentation. As a general rule, the fewer cigarettes you smoke, the lower the nicotine level you’re going to require. Once you find something you’re comfortable with, you can start to reduce the nicotine dosage at your own pace and as you so choose.

Choosing Your Flavor

As part of our how to start vaping guide for newly smoke-free people, we recommend starting with an e-liquid that has a tobacco or menthol flavor. That way, you’re not only getting your nicotine to avoid withdrawal symptoms, but you can also enjoy a flavor that’s familiar to you.

After that, there’s 100’s of different flavors to choose from. Whether you like earthy, sweet, or neutral flavors, you’re bound to find an e-juice that suits your needs.

Additional Resources

Smoking kills over 5 million people every year. If that’s not reason enough for getting into vaping, we don’t know what is.

And learning how to start vaping is simple: start with a vaping for beginners kit, choose your nicotine level, pick a flavor you like the taste of, and get started. While it takes a bit of patience and experimentation, it’s well worth kicking the habit of smoking cigarettes.

And for more resources related to your health and care services, check out our blog.

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