Squamous-cell cancer carcinoma is among many menaces that are robbing us our female counterparts. The area affected is a uterine entry point that’s often referred to as womb’s neck. Mass education concerning this deadly disease has been conducted by both governmental as well as non-governmental institutions’.

However, there are still lots which should get done. The cervical cancer rate in Singapore has become alarming as well as disheartening. It is believed that 80-85% women are affected with SCC, a major cause of cervical cancer. Hence, more detailed knowledge like given here in https://tcc.sg/services/cancers-we-treat/cervical/ about this disease is a must for every woman to prevent this illness, irrespective of whether it is primary or secondary. This’s because within every 200 females who acquire the illness yearly 70 of them end up dying. There’re a few details which every member of the society needs to familiarise themselves with to minimize risks of getting the disease.

Major cause

Studies have shown primal cause Genital Warts. Acquiring it increases when one has many sexual partners. When one becomes sex-active too early they’re prone. One should be alert that there’s no cure to this virus. Therefore, there’re measures to curb Genital Warts by introducing vaccines early. At age 14 or below one gets 2 vaccines while age 15 or older one gets 3 vaccine doses.

Other causes

One ought to know that giving birth at a tender age, having several pregnancies, excessive tobacco smoking, as well as long-term stress also increases risk in getting this illness. Persons’ with weak immune-system may contact the disease.


Females need to be careful. If they observe below signs they should get in touch a gynecologist as soon as possible to be assessed:

  • Excessive bleeding between menstrual cycles as well as during intercourse
  • Experiences discomfort while engaging in lovemaking
  • Smelly virginal discharge
  • Red virginal discharge
  • Pain in the pelvic bone

One should visit the clinic and be advised accordingly after a check-up to prevent any damage in the uterine walls. Check-ups enable one to remove any doubt that they might be having the disease. In case one has cancerous cells, they need to start treating it so to be declared free after remission.


To determine the cancerous cell, Pap smear tests needs to be done. It there’re deformed cells, colposcopy gets set up. The procedure happens when the uterine wall gets examined while utilizing a microscope. Biopsies samples are acquired for analysis in laboratories to determine severity.


When examinations are done then there are cancerous cells, a person is offered surgery as an option. This is effective if detected in its early stages. This is basically removing uterus as well as neighboring tissues that’ve been affected so that they don’t keep spreading to other reproductive organs. Thereafter, one goes for radiotherapy as well as chemotherapy to make sure there’s no reoccurrence. One needs all the support they can get emotional, physical and financial support from immediate relatives and friends.


Information’s power. Females should get concerned with their reproductive organs health to reduce the cervical cancer rate. Eating healthy foods as well as hygiene crucial for human’s body. Pap smear test offered in cancer clinics and people should be encouraged to undergo through it. They need to check to make sure they don’t contain cancerous cells. They need to encourage other females to be examined. As a result, there’s a decrease among death rates tied to squamous-cell cancer carcinoma.

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