Taking your children on holiday can be such an exciting experience, especially when they’re visiting a place they’ve never been to before. However, it can also be very stressful as a parent, as all that excitement can lead to not-so-good things happening. Therefore, in order to keep your children as healthy as possible on holiday, there are a series of tips that we believe will help you greatly. Plus, always make sure that you register for an ESTA to keep your whole family safe whilst on your travels.  

Take a Packed Lunch Out

When you’re on holiday, particularly abroad, you’ll want to go out and explore the country that you’re staying in a bit more. Of course, when you stay close to your hotel, there is always a large option of food available, particularly when your resort is all-inclusive. When you go on excursions around the country, though, you are only limited to what food is sold nearby which, when visiting places such as water parks or theme parks, tends to be junk food such as burgers and chips. You will need an organised approach to preparing your meals. If you pack a healthy lunch beforehand, you won’t need to eat from high-calorie places, not only keeping your children healthy, but also yourself, too!

Encourage the Pool

Booking a resort that has a range of kid-friendly pool facilities is an excellent choice to make. Being on holiday, your children are going to indulge in unhealthy foods every now and again – it’s not every day to get to go on holiday, after all! So, if you feel a little worried about how much they’re eating, you should encourage them to play around in the pool for a while, as this is a really good form of exercise and will still keep them active whilst on holiday. Depending on how old your child is, you must ensure that there are pools available where younger children can play, otherwise this won’t be an option for you.

Order From the Main Menu

Almost every resort will have a children’s menu available for the kids to choose from. Since there are a lot of fussy children in the world, however, the variety on this menu is usually pretty awful, with nothing else other than nuggets and chips, burgers and chips – you get the picture. Therefore, it’s actually a better idea to get your children to order from the main menu, as there will be much more variety here with healthier options available for your kids. Of course, these are adult portions, so simply feel free to ask the waiter to make the meal a smaller portion.

Relax the Rules

Overall, it would be cruel to force your children to eat 100% healthily when they’re on holiday. As adults, it’s only right to admit that when we are on holiday, a few healthy rules usually fly out the window as part of being on holiday involves indulging in some good, unhealthy foods, right? If one evening your child wants that burger and chips, let them! Putting a restriction on the rules too much almost encourages the child to pester you more for those higher-calorie foods, and nobody wants a child throwing a temper-tantrum whilst they’re trying to relax on holiday. As long as everything is eaten in consideration, along with some frequent forms of exercise, your kids will be as healthy as they need to be whilst on holiday.

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