There are certain conditions in which a man can get ED medication on the NHS. It depends on a number of factors. It also depends on what your definition is of getting it on the NHS. Will it be free? Or will you have to pay?

What are we talking about when it comes to ED medication? Specifically Viagra. More specifically, Sildenafil which is the generic name of the drug which can also be prescribed.

In this article, we will go over several ways for a man to get either Viagra or the generic version to treat their ED.

What causes ED?

Let’s start with why you need Viagra to begin with. There are many factors that have to do with somebody getting erectile dysfunction. It can be lifestyle related, as smoking and diet do play a big part in the healthy function of your penis.

Or it can be due to illnesses such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer among others.

The drug Sildenafil allows the blood vessels to stay dilated so the blood can flow into the penis and become erect. Without the aid of the drug, many men are not able to attain and maintain an erection so the use of it is very important.

There are many myths surrounding the little blue pill, as Viagra is commonly referred to, so make sure you read up on it or ask your pharmacist about it before you decide to use that as a treatment.

Who is entitled to ED medication from NHS?

Anybody who has diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, polio, prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease or spina bifida is entitled to a prescription from their GP. Whether or not these prescriptions are free or at cost depends on a number of criteria relevant to each patient.

Many of the people with those conditions will get their prescription without any payment. Some will have the option of a reduced price making it affordable.

Even some men who can demonstrate that their impotence is long term and leading to emotional problems which are impacting their relationship can get theirs free.

Prescription vs Over the Counter

In the UK, the only way to get Viagra is through a prescription from their GP if the dosage is 25mg or 100mg. The 50mg dose pill can be bought from a pharmacist without the need for a prescription.

Recently, the status of Viagra changed from prescription-only medicine (POM) to pharmacy-line medicine (P) in the UK. Your pharmacist is required to ask you some questions and could deny the fulfillment.

Sildenafil on the other hand can be purchased over the counter at 50 mg doses. If you do get a prescription, then only four tablets per month are allowed. In essence it can be used once per week if you buy it through a prescription. Though it is free in this case, if you need more than that you will have to pay the over the counter price.

There are also options to buy Sildenafil online, but the cost will not be covered by the NHS in this case.

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