Improving Men’s Life Quality Naturally With Innovative Thermobalancing Therapy When Affected By BPH


Thermobalancing therapy is now seen as a wonderful option for those that are affected by BPH (enlarged prostate). It is unique as it targets hypothermia focus with highly precise temperature control at a local level. This is slowly capable of reversing BPH, with results being great after 6 months of treatment, when the condition is at an early stage.


Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatment with Thermobalancing therapy is now seen as being better than the other non-invasive treatments. This does include medications and supplements since they cannot stop the prostate from enlarging. Thermobalancing therapy is the invention of Dr. Simon Allen and the research that he did in regards to disease origin. This identified a new way to reverse the damage caused by BPH. Up until the invention of the device and the therapy, the only effective solution available was surgery. Obviously, because of the fact that the prostate gland is removed or a part of it is cut through surgery, even minor surgical interventions can have long-term repercussions.


The device invented by Dr. Allen is quite effective because of the fact that it attacks BPH cause. It stops capillary expansion. Basically, Thermobalancing therapy eliminates hypothermia focus in the area that is affected.


BPH Treatment With Thermobalancing Therapy


As already mentioned, prostate enlargement could not have been stopped in the past, unless opting for surgery. Thermobalancing therapy was shown to be effective thanks to a 2 years clinical trial that was performed. This therapy and device is unique and received a US patent, which confirms its novelty throughout the world. What is interesting is that the device used is completely natural. We are faced with a natural treatment option that is actually backed by strict clinical tests and in-depth medical research.


You might want to know that the device was already successfully used by countless men in around 100 countries. All that the treatment implies is wearing a special soft belt that includes a thermo-element. This will not interfere with any of your daily activities. Men can opt for such a gentle treatment when the condition is initially diagnosed, this avoiding the need to use medication.


Who Can Use Thermobalancing Therapy?


Unfortunately, most men are going to have to deal with BPH at one point during a normal life cycle. Around 50 percent of the men between 50 and 60 are affected. Percentages go as high as 90 percent when looking at men over 80. BPH is now the most common problem associated with the prostate.


When identified at an early development stage, thermobalancing therapy has to be considered as the very first treatment option. The enlarged prostate medications need to be used just by those that are now at a disorder beginning stage. This is due to alpha-blockers causing sexual side effects and testosterone therapy potentially leading to heart disease.


Dr. Allen actually stated that the reason he looked for a solution and why he invented Thermobalancing therapy was that the treatment options available had really bad side effects. After carrying out the research, it became obvious to him that chronic diseases have the same cause at the level of the capillaries, and using their own body heat may be the best option for the natural treatment of BPH. Therefore, since BPH is a chronic condition of ageing men, thermobalancing therapy from the very beginning is fully viable and effective.


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