Not many of us are aware of the term Gamma and mostly because we do not deal with these scientific jargons every day. The most that we might have heard of this term was in our Physics books back in high school, or from one of those superhero movies. But that is not all that there is to the term. In fact, that is not even one-fourth of the entire concept. There is so much that gamma waves do and so much that we are unaware of. And in all honesty, unless we are Physicists and have to deal with science in every waking hour of our life, it is not exactly possible to understand the broad area that gamma waves cover. But, all things said and done, there are a few things that we might want to know about gamma waves. For instance, gamma waves have a huge impact on our brains when optimally exposed to them. They not only help in improving our mood and building our memory, but also help in keeping degenerative brain diseases at bay. Throughout the length and breadth of the article, we shall be providing you with all the insight into the impact of gamma waves on our brains and how to expose ourselves to them in just the right ways possible.

How Do Gamma Waves Work?

Now, we all know that the human brain is a marvel of the Universe. It is made up of billions of cells which are collectively called the neurons. These neurons communicate with each other and instruct the body to perform in a particular way by sending electric impulses or signals. The electrical impulses with the highest frequency are known as the gamma waves. These waves might oscillate between 25 Hz to 100 Hz, with 30Hz considered to be the middle ground. Several bodies of research conducted over a period of time have corroborated the argument that these gamma waves can alter the functioning of the human brain significantly. It helps in not only building and strengthening memory, but also prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. There are a number of ways to elevate one’s brain waves to the frequency of the gamma. However, the one that we trust and advise the most is meditation and binaural beats therapy.

The Benefits of Being in a Gamma State of Mind:

Meditation and gamma waves have an intimate relationship with each other. It has been found that individuals who engage in meditation and mindfulness are capable of raising their brain oscillations to the frequency of gamma waves. And this results in a feeling of wholeness and improves mood. The benefits of being in a gamma state of mind are plenty. And the best way to find oneself in that state is by practising meditation for as long as possible. And the benefits increase all the more when one knows how to induce gamma brain waves by binaural beats into this regime of meditation. Speaking of the benefits of a gamma state of mind, here are a few points for you to wrap your heads around-

  • The gamma waves help in improving your cognition and memory.
  • Being in a gamma state of mind is synonymous to being perceptive and alert.
  • Gamma waves improve thinking and decision-making abilities, and also bring in tweaks to your creative energies.
  • Last but not the least, something that is the need of the hour, gamma waves help an individual to become more compassionate and generous.

There are a number of ways in which you could raise your brain waves to gamma, and one of the most effective ways is that of meditation coupled with binaural beats. Listening to binaural beats while meditating can help your brain oscillate at the desired gamma frequency.

Final Notes:

Gamma waves have several health benefits that many of us do not really know much about. These benefits are not just physical, but also mental as we can see from the discussion that ensued. Therefore, if you ever feel the need of calm amidst your chaos, including binaural meditation and raising your brain waves to the frequency of gamma could do the trick.

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