What used to happen in the past is that small mistakes while playing sports could cost an athlete his whole career, and introduce them to a life full of pain. But as of now, things do not need to play out this way anymore. Let’s talk about the role of CBD oil as a pain reliever in such cases.

A Pain Reliever

CBD oil is a great pain reliever, and it genuinely speeds up recovery time. Not only does it help one mask the pain from general injury or fatigue, but helps keep you in a much better state overall. As you know, other painkillers such as Percocet, Vicodin etc. make you feel really drowsy after consuming them, but that is not the case with CBD Oil. CBD Oil is consumed by athletes especially before their game, as it helps reduce performance anxiety. It has also been shown via research that CBD oil protects football players and other athletes from the brain from injuries like concussions.

Recent studies suggest sufferers of Parkinson’s disease could benefit using CBD Oil.

We spoke to a lot of people regarding how much CBD has helped them fight pain, and all their responses have made us conclude that CBD is known to have anti-soreness, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-pain benefits. There have been experiments on rats too, and it has shown that it fights arthritis, swelling and even headaches.

Talking about headaches, since CBD treats anxiety well, and anxiety is a cause of headache, so indirectly CBD also treats headache well. There was also a study on people going for public speaking, and those having a fear of it were treated well by having CBD. Apart from that, what CBD oil does is reduces psychotic symptoms in people with schizophrenia and psychotic disorders. Of course, a lot more research needs to be put into this, but up till now this is what has been proved.

Seizure Treatments

Let’s talk about another area where CBD has become really prominent. This is the treatment of seizures associated with one form of epilepsy. There has been a study about this and it has shown that oral CBD drastically cut down most patients’ seizure frequency, and due to this CBD was found to be one of the most effective drugs for use for the treatment of some epilepsy patients.

There was a guy who was around 35 years of age, and he had continuous muscle as well as joint pain for years, and these were mostly related to injuries due to sports. He tried a lot of natural remedies to cure his pain but to no avail. He experimented a lot with other types of medications too, but it did not seem to work. Eventually he stumbled onto CBD rubs. When he used it on his bank and ankles, he was quoted saying that he felt that this really penetrated his skin, and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. He says that he feels super relaxed, mellow and limber, and all this is in a good way.

People today are not really familiar about the beneficial properties that this CBD oil provides. They have vague ideas of what it is since they haven’t used it themselves, and usually have heard it from other people. But even some people who use it don’t seem to know exactly what it is or whether there’s any hard science out there to back up its benefits.


Thus, we can safely conclude that when specifically talking about working as a pain subside, you can see that the CBD Oil works wonders, and in comparison, to other drugs and natural remedies, this one works best. You can easily find the CBD Oil online, or even in local stores if you are planning to purchase it. This oil has not only multi-modality effects upon various nociceptive pathways, but also has great safety preparation. Apart from that, their adjunctive side benefits, the efficacy profiles to date of specific preparations in advanced clinical trials, and the complementary mechanisms plus the various advantages of their combination with opioid therapy makes the future for cannabinoid therapeutics very bright indeed. So, if you’re using some other pain remedy, we suggest you switch to this.

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