Working to earn the money that you need to get by is an incredibly important responsibility, so there’s no way you can avoid it. Unfortunately, however, a tight schedule with work does come with its pitfalls, one of the biggest being the adverse effect it can have on your health. Unless you’re a professional sportsperson, a gym instructor, or a sports teacher, you won’t have the luxury of being paid to spend each day staying fit.

Having a busy work schedule doesn’t have to necessarily be so detrimental to your health, though, no matter how sedentary your job may be. There are ways to stay fit and healthy, even with the tightest of timetables and inactive of professions

Here’s what you can do to stay healthy despite a busy work schedule:

Be smart when it comes to meal prep

If you have a habit of being too tired to prepare wholesome, healthy meals when you get back from work, don’t think that this evening is going to be different. There’s no time for naivety of wishful thinking in this instance, and you have to accept your reality — you’re going to opt for quick, unhealthy food!

Accepting that you are never going to spend hours in the kitchen or exert your energy after a hectic day in the office doesn’t mean that you have to go without healthy meals, though. In order to get the nutrition you need at dinner time despite your schedule holding you back from doing so, you have to be smart when it comes to meal prep. To do this, you can either prepare your meals at a time where you are more relaxed and energised, such as on the weekend. Or, you can have healthy meals delivered straight to your front door from Result Plan. With regards to the latter, check out to find out how you can set up a personalised diet delivery service and how doing so could improve your health.

Stay active in the office

Your office may not be a gym. It may not be an athletics stadium. It can, however, still be a place in which you work out and keep healthy, no matter how big or small it may be.

Different ways to stay active in the office include but are not limited to:

  • Standing at your desk instead of sitting — this will burn more calories, and even a few cals cut is better than none at all
  • Investing in a treadmill desk — this kind of tech will help to refrain from becoming more and more sedentary as your career progresses
  • Going on walks on your lunch break — even if you just go up and down the stairs a few times
  • Taking the stairs whenever you can — avoid the lift and the escalator, and tackle those steps!

Something else that you can do in this instance is cycle or walk to work if doing so is possible. This may not be something that you do throughout the day in your office, but it will still do wonders for your cardiovascular health.

You can stay healthy no matter how jam-packed your schedule may be. All you have to do is put the above advice into practice.

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