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How to Prepare for an X-ray

You need to set an appointment with your doctor to determine if it is safe for you to be exposed to a small amount of radiation. Tell your doctor your current physical state and condition. Let him know if you recently had illnesses or injuries that might have happened in the last few months. Be as detailed as possible. Have him verify that you are allowed to get an X-ray exam. You might be restricted from taking an X-ray if you are breastfeeding or if you are pregnant.

Fasting is a common precaution that doctors order their patients to do before an X-ray. This is especially true for those who are taking X-ray tests for the abdominal area or digestive tract. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 12 hours before your X-ray tests.

  1. Fill out paperwork

Once you arrive at the medical facility, be it a clinic or a hospital, you will be asked to sign some paperwork. The paperwork will require you to fill out some personal information and your medical history. You may be asked to present an insurance card if you are going to use your insurance to cover for the medical expense.

Give the signed form to the X-ray technician so that he or she will know which body part, organ or area needs to be examined. Through the signed form, the technician will also know which X-ray tests should be done. The form is written by your doctor so be sure to hand it over to the medical staff, so you’ll get the proper X-ray tests you need.

  1. Take a contrast medium

A contrast medium is sometimes needed to get a clearer picture of what’s happening inside you. You might be asked to drink a contrast medium solution before getting your X-ray. A contrast medium may be a solution of barium or iodine, in the form of a pill or administered to you through an injection.

  1. Remove accessories

You must remove any accessories on your body because these may interfere with the X-ray and block the view of your vital organs. Remove any piercings, jewellery, watches, mobile phones, eyeglasses, etc. to make sure that the X-ray can capture a clear picture.

  1. Empty your bladder

You should empty your bladder if you are taking an abdominal X-ray. Don’t drink water during the morning of your exam.

Remember to hold your breath during the X-ray scan. This makes your heart and lungs more pronounced in the X-ray images. This way, your doctor will get a clearer image and make an accurate diagnosis.

If your doctor has asked you to do so, consider getting a private X-ray in London. The X-ray scan will be useful in determining the proper treatment plan for you. You can expect the results of your X-ray test in a few days.



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