The hardworking employees tend to be the mainstay of the success of any company or business. To celebrate them and their efforts, you don’t need any particular day. Instead, you can choose a day to make it unique for them. For example, everyone is aware of the effect of the backbreaking workload on anyone’s health and life. Your employees may not be immune to this. To add a touch of fresh air on their workday, you can think of implementing an idea that shows you care about them and appreciate them. You don’t have to do much about it.

You can introduce Mass Mobile chair massage at work for your staff, even if it means for a single day. No one can ignore this thoughtful gesture of yours. After all, everyone wants to relax and rejuvenate, which this technique can make possible for them to experience. Here are tips about the planning part now.

Tips for organizing a seated chair massage service

To include this during working hours, you first need to get a reputable service provider onboard. You can get in touch with a massage therapist or company to schedule everything. At the time of booking, you would need to furnish a few details to the professionals so that this process can happen hassle-free. You would have to inform them about the number of people who will get the therapy. Mention your budget too. Also, you have to tell them how long a session can last. Usually, this can vary from 10 to 30 minutes. So, you can fix the time based on this.

Once you communicate all the details clearly, the chair massage company or professional therapist will be able to decide how many team members would need to stay at your office and for how long.

As soon as you figure out all the things, you can share the information with your workforce. You have planned something like this would be a huge surprise for them already. So, don’t worry about that part. However, to make sure things happen smoothly, you have to get them at the event on time. If they know about the schedule, it will be easy for them to appear for their turn. Also, everyone will be able to enjoy it for the same amount of time.

Things that can happen during the massage event

The chair massage service providers can arrive at the destination a little early to arrange their massage chairs. Please give them an empty office or a meeting room for the setup. When the time starts, the employees can visit the place as per their chosen time. Some people can forget about this or the timing. So, it would help if you also had a provision for a reminder. Once everyone gets the pampering, the therapists will leave the place with their equipment and belongings. You can pay them before or after the event to keep the busy day hassle-free. However, every company has its payment terms and conditions. Hence, you have to do it as per the norm.

Chair massages don’t have to be a one-time effort. If everyone enjoyed it, you could schedule it again.

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