Bathroom mold can occur due to excessive dampness in parts of the bathroom. Mold can grow well where there is limited ventilation. The affected area will gradually start to stain which is the first sign of a problem. When this occurs, it attracts dirt from the soap and gradually turns black. There are ways in which the mold or mildew can be removed. If well followed, these tactics will make the stain to fade out fast. It will ensure that the bathroom is clean and hygienic. There are different ways in which mold can be removed quickly:

1) Staying Clean

The first and safest method of fighting mold in one’s bathroom is ensuring that the mold is not allowed to flourish. With the use of a bath fan or a squeegee, you can counter mold proliferation and slow down its effect on the bathroom finishes. The two items will remove almost all the moisture from the bathroom.

The bathroom fan ought to be placed in a location where it will be effective in reducing the humidity. It will be switched on when you are about to begin a shower or a bath. It ought to be left on for at least five minutes after using the bathroom. The fan works to reduce humidity by accelerating air circulation in the bathroom. This, in turn, rids the area of humidity and steam that emanates from hot showers or baths.

You can also use high-quality dehumidifiers to counter humidity accumulation. This is a great investment that will ultimately save you cots in repairs and health cover. Hence you want to buy it from trusted dealers. Visit reputable review sites such as to learn more about the best dehumidifiers in the market.

Also, the windows must be opened for ventilation to come in. A squeegee should be used regularly to wash off excess water in the bathroom.

2) Using a Removal Solution

When you discover mold in the bathroom and want to remove it quickly, use a mold removal solution. White vinegar can be applied directly on the surface without diluting. This is effective. Although the odor can be unpleasant, the use of a fan and opening of the windows can help reduce the stench and make it go faster.

After all, is done, it can be rinsed off. Also, a solution made from a fungicide or insecticide can be applied, but after diluting it in water to make it less potent. When the solution has been mixed, it can be applied by spraying the solution on the surface of the mold. When this is done, the mold will wash off. This should be done with care since this is a bit unhealthy. When this is done, the solution does not need to be rinsed as it can ensure that mold does not increase later.

3) Cleaning the Mold With a Soap

This method is a little strenuous than the above methods because it will involve more energy than the former methods. A cleaning solution of a soap mix should be sprayed on the spot where the mold has accumulated. After this is done, a cloth can be applied on that spot. Then, a brush should be applied on the affected part.

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