Some people try their best to hide their emotions by pretending to hide their feelings and appear healthy in public. Feeling sad or emotional does not mean that you are a weak person; in fact, this makes you feel more human than the others. Sadly, many people are unable to cope up with mental illness such as anxiety and depression because they are scared and also embarrassed to get the help that they need. If you happen to know someone probably a close friend or even a family member who is currently having a hard time in life, the most responsible thing to do is for you to step up and be a shoulder to lean on in times of need. Here are some tips on how to deal with people that are suffering from either anxiety or depression.


People with anxiety or depression are not comfortable talking about their problems and feelings towards other people. You may also train to be a therapist and encourage more people to speak about their condition and seek professional help. Try starting a conversation and gather more information about their status by asking open-ended questions. Be careful and assess the situation before asking any questions. Anxious people find it difficult to open up to others even if they know the person. If you feel that the person is comfortable with your presence, then you may also share personal experiences about how you dealt with some of your past problems in life.


If the person who is going through hard times starts talking to you, make sure that you are willing to listen to their problems. Most people are not asking for advice but all they want is for someone to listen to their rants without being judged. You can be an active listener by asking relevant and sensible questions. Do not forget to show genuine concern but make sure not to pity the person.

Be patient and encouraging

Some people with depression and anxiety find it hard to trust others; that is why they prefer to keep things to themselves. Do not expect them to open up and share their problems right away. This is where your patience will be put to the test. Aside from being patient, you can show your support through the use of encouraging words and actions.

Avoid putting pressure on them

The last thing people with mental issues would like to experience is being pressured to do certain things that they are not comfortable with. Be sensitive to other peoples’ feelings by not forcing them to drink alcohol because it can trigger their existing condition. Also, do not force people to talk about their feelings if they are not comfortable doing it.

There may be moments when dealing with a person that has anxiety or depression can be quite challenging because it requires you to be the bigger person at all times. It is advisable that you learn more about mental health so you will have a better understanding of a person’s behaviour and reaction towards certain things.

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