Once you are into it, it is extremely difficult to curb or control mindless snacking. Who doesn’t love a chunk of cheese or a mouthful of chocolate? And before you know it, you’ve made yourself a slave of timeless and needless snacking. If it weren’t for health, we wouldn’t probably be writing an article on it. The truth is, snacking adds up to a large weight gain and in some cases, exposes us to other health issues as well.

Snacking can be due to boredom, hunger, or just your cravings. Constant snacking can blow your calorie count particularly when you are not tracking them. Even if it’s just a lick or a small bite, all of it adds up. When the urge to snack strikes, identify if it is a hunger cue or a purposeless ring to eat junk. The key is to differentiate between snack smart & snack wrong and not just randomly give in to the desire of eating because you felt like it.

Here are a few tips to remember the next time your body rings a bell for mindless snacking:

Eat satisfying meals

Your regular meals do not need to be boring. It doesn’t have to be greens all the time. Eat a combination of foods so that after a while, your body does not feel the need to have what you missed in your major meal. Also, sometimes the need to snack arises when your body experiences an absence of nutrients. You need to include macronutrients such as protein, healthy fats & carbs to keep you function well until the next meal.

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Time your meals

It is suggested to have multiple small eating portions spread over a day than eating big two or three times a day. Don’t skip on a meal that is timed. It will only make you feel hungrier and disrupt your eating routine. Eating in small portions multiple times a day keeps your blood sugar in control. The peaks and lows in your blood sugar are the main reason to create an urge for snacking.

Drink lots of water

When you frequently want to snack, ask yourself, “how much water did you consume today?”. Staying hydrated is important for many other reasons but it also keeps your mindless snacking in control. When you think you are hungry and start planning to have a snack, you’re often thirsty. Have a glass of water and you will feel the need to snack gradually dying down.

Find out the root cause

It is important to know the reason behind mindless snacking. There are certain situations or emotions that tempt us to binge snack. Have you ever observed yourself eating more when you are having a hard time in personal life? Does your mind divert towards ordering a random snack just because you have been working for long while sitting at your work desk? Start identifying what fuels your eating and try finding a different outlet for those triggers. By that, we don’t mean that you should start depriving yourself of any snack at all. If it gets too much, you can reward yourself with a chunk of chocolate every once in a while. If you completely resist yourself even from rare mindless snacking, chances are at some point you will give up and eat the whole bar of chocolate.

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