Diabetes is a serious condition that requires lifelong management to avoid severe complications that can result in stroke, kidney damage, eye damage, foot amputations, nerve disorders and even death. In order to manage your diabetes, you must follow a healthy diet and engage in physical activity that will help you maintain a healthy weight. You should also monitor your blood sugar regularly. 

One must-have tool for caring for your diabetes is Pip lancet.  A Pip lancet is a disposable device with a concealed needle that is used to puncture the skin during blood glucose monitoring. With the simple Pip Lancets, you can eliminate the frustrations, pain and the fear caused by the regular lancet fingersticks. 


Here’s how Pip lancets can improve care for your diabetes. 

  1. Pip Lancets Eliminate Accidental Pokes

Accidental pokes are not only painful but can also cause the spread of infections which can make your medical condition worse. One great benefit of using safe lancets is that you completely eliminate accidental needle sticks.  This gives the assurance that you will not get any new infections. If your blood sugars are tested by a caregiver or a family member ensure that they always wear rubber gloves before starting. 

  1. They Keep Costs Down

Diabetes care can be very expensive. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), diabetes is the most expensive chronic illness to manage in America today. The financial burden that is placed on a diabetic patient can cause stress both to them and their families. With Pip lancets, however, you can rest easy because these devices are reasonably priced and they do not require a separate lancet device. This means you can keep the costs down and focus on recovery. 

  1. Safety Lancets Reduce Finger Pricking Pain

Regular lancet fingersticks are often a major cause of anxiety, fear, and pain in diabetes patients. This constant pain can cause mental stress and as a result, your blood glucose levels can go up. With Pip lancets, however, the process is painless. You do not see the needle since it is completely concealed thus you can go through the glucose monitoring process every day without worrying about pain. 

  1. Pip Lancets Require Little or No Technique

Compared to regular lancets, Pip lancets require no techniques since they are very simple to use. All you have to do is twist the cap in a full circle to remove the lancet, then push it gently on your finger to test. Once you are done testing, discard the used lancet in the correct biohazard container and that’s it. Pip lancets come in handy for people who suffer from arthritis and trigger finger since they do not crack when removing them no matter how much your hand moves. 

  1. Pip Lancets Are Helpful For Stroke Patients

As a stroke patient who is also living with diabetes, managing the condition can be quite difficult but it’s not impossible. If you live alone and you have suffered from a stroke pip lancets can enable you to utilize the functional side of your body including one hand. Since they are painless and simple to use, you can easily test your daily blood sugars even your caregiver is not around.

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