Acne can cause profound psychosocial health effects if not controlled. Even with mild acne, some people find themselves having issues feeling a sense of importance and the confidence to mingle with others.  Fortunately, there is a lot of information on how to prevent and treat acne which can be found on such websites as  All the information you can find on this site is versatile and everyone can use a treatment that will suit their needs. Acne can affect anyone regardless of age but is most predominant in teenage years. There are treatment solutions that one can embrace that are effective in curing the problem. According to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, which analyzed data running from 1986 to 2012, people with acne had a 63% risk of sinking into depression compared to those who did not have acne.

Self-esteem and body image

One of the biggest contributors to psychosocial health problems among people with acne is the lack of esteem. Some of them are embarrassed and will try to avoid eye contact. You will find a few cases where someone chooses to grow their hair long in an attempt to hide his or her face. Girls are pushed into wearing heavy make-up, which without their knowledge aggravates their situation. Truncal acne has been shown to reduce the participation of individuals in sporting activities, including swimming and rugby, mainly because they fear to expose their bodies while in the changing room.

Social withdrawal

When acne affects the face, it provokes taunts from fellow teenagers. Some of them will struggle to get into new relationships, especially if they are of the opposite sex. Sometimes, when other teenagers are learning to form relationships, those suffering from acne are likely to lay back due to low self-confidence that prevents them from making new bonds and going out. This makes those affected shy and could lead to reclusive traits. The biggest concern is the fear of getting a negative appraisal by their friends, which in extreme cases leads to social phobia.

Education and work

It has also been observed that kids with acne may refuse to go to school, which causes poor academic performance. People who take days off due to the condition also put themselves at a risk of losing their jobs. Acne can also reduce career choices because it rules out occupations like modeling that are inclined to personal appearance. With less success at job applications, acne patients are likely to sink into depression due to the fact one also loses a livelihood when they cannot find a job.

Good news – acne is curable

Besides all the frustrations that arise from having acne, there are treatment solutions that are effective that you can rely on. You can use Exposed Skin Care – the best acne treatment, which will clear the acne in a matter of a few weeks with consistent application. Other solutions available include natural remedies like aloe. But it’s always advisable to use a supplement with all the ingredients to avoid the stress of having to mix all of them yourself.

Acne affects millions of teenagers and has been shown to be among causes of depression. It poses a psychosocial issue as people with acne tend to exclude themselves due to low self-esteem. They also stand lower chances of getting some jobs like modeling and this further adds to the frustrations. However, if you are having acne, you should not give up as there are proven treatment solutions that you can apply. Just look for a product with good ratings and consult your doctor about its ingredients before you begin using it.

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