Genmaicha is one type of Japanese green tea made with brown rice kernels. This drink has a mild taste and takes the color light yellow. Roasted rice tends to give genmaicha tea a nutty taste and subtle aroma. This merger adjusts the bitterness of the tea. If consumed frequently, there are a number of genmaicha benefits that tea drinkers can obtain. Genmaicha tea is rich in antioxidants, helps lower blood pressure, has catechins that help prevent cancer, and lowers the risks of heart diseases.

In its simplest proportion, genmaicha comprises a blend of bancha and roasted rice in a 50/50 portion. At first this sounds unusual; however, when you drink it and feel the aroma, you will understand that it bodes well.

We are presenting you here with five reasons to drink it every day or at least once a week.

1. Genmaicha has a great taste

Although taste is subjective, it has been observed that those who just begin to drink genmaicha tea have a higher rate of acceptance for it as compared to other teas such as matcha and sencha. The aroma of the roasted rice complements the nutty flavor and this blend mellows the tartness and astringency of green tea. We are not calling it the best-tasting green tea, but rather it is a decent tea for its price.

2. It is affordable

You probably like to drink matcha or gyokuro every day, but what stops you from having it is the expensive price tag. Genmaicha is comparatively cheaper, which is also the main reason why this blend was produced in the first place.

Genmaicha additionally has the preferred standpoint that it is made with more water for the same measure of tea, contrasted with other high-end green teas. This only translates into having more drinkable tea, and therefore, it is significantly less expensive if you measure the cost per gram of tea.

Also, do not forget that genmaicha can be re-steeped. It is better not to re-steep it more than once, but it depends on your taste. You can even purchase bancha and prepare the roasted rice yourself.

3. Easy to brew

If you are in a hurry, genmaicha is the perfect time-saving tea for you. It only takes 30 seconds to brew and is made using boiling water. Other green teas like gyokuro use cool water and take longer to steep, else their taste will be ruined.

4. It is popular

Genmaicha is a very old invention. It has a long history in Japan and is considered an important part of the Japanese social culture.

5. Genmaicha has a wide variety

Despite the fact that genmaicha is made using bancha, today you will find variants of genmaicha blended with sencha, gyokuro, and even houjicha. If you prefer, you can also add matcha to your genmaicha. Another important factor to bring variety is rice. There are different types of roasted rice, with mochi rice being the ideal for genmaicha. Varying roasting times also differ the taste and color of the rice.

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