Our health has been of significance for centuries as generations go through new and revisit old health fads to help improve their wellbeing. Fitness magazine after fitness magazine has been inspiring many people to work out more to achieve the iron physique or to simply lose a few pounds. Diet pills have been no exception as they’ve been bought by hundreds of thousands. In fact, people in the U.S. alone spent over 60 billion dollars in the weight loss industry which includes things like diet pills, gym memberships, weight loss programs, etc. There are magazines, shows, apps, articles, products, clothing, and special food all produced with the appeal to help one lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, and improve their health. In the process of wanting that ‘fast summer body’, people find themselves trying all kinds of fitness fads and rumored shortcuts to achieve their health goals. A part of being health conscious is knowing about the health myths and also some viable tips to aid in your health and fitness journey so that you can be safe and get sexier in a couple of weeks.



You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach.

Most people typically start their days off prior to working out by eating breakfast to ensure that they don’t feel hungry throughout the day. Eating breakfast has its other health benefits of course such as improving memory, overall healthier brain functions, increase daily fiber intake, etc. However, in terms of exercising, many people also believe that you shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach. Now, there are a few reasons why people may believe this which includes the idea that one would feel too winded or dizzy mid-workout. Fortunately, this is not fully true as it’s immensely important to stay hydrated to avoid that. It is absolutely not needed to eat before working out. In fact, exercising on an empty stomach has plenty of health benefits as well such as increased fat loss, improve the body’s response to insulin, etc. Sometimes when you eat and then workout immediately afterward, you are burning more of the energy you just consumed instead of calories. Essentially, it also depends on what your fitness goals are. If weight loss is the objective, then exercise on an empty stomach or cardio fasting would be more beneficial for you. Working out after you just ate can also increase acid reflux and indigestion problems. Another thing to keep in mind with cardio fasting is that the body may go to the muscle stores instead of using the fat as fuel if you ate dinner early and fasted in the morning. So, a better compromise could be a small snack in the morning instead of a huge meal before exercise.

Lifting heavy weights bulks you up.

This health misconception is very common mainly amongst women wanting to improve their health and fitness. Strong muscles are paramount especially as we age and naturally lose some strength. The notion that lifting heavy weights bulks you up is a big reason why some women avoid reaching for the 50lb dumbbells and grab the 5-10lb ones instead. Utilizing heavy weights during your workouts will help you build muscle and tone faster which will also help you to burn fat at a faster rate as muscle tissue burns more calories. 10 pounds of muscle would burn an estimate of 50 calories in a day spent at rest while 10 pounds of fat would burn 20. So, if you are trying to lose weight or burn fat, lifting weights in conjunction with some cardio will be a game changer. Heavyweights are nothing to fear as it takes higher reps and sets of lifting to produce the bodybuilder results that some people don’t particularly want. By increasing your weights, you can expect to see faster and more efficient results to help you look sexier in no time.

Eating less will help you to lose weight faster.

This health myth is not totally untrue. However, many people don’t understand how it is meant to be applied. Yes, consuming fewer calories does help you lose weight, but you have to be consuming less than you expend. This means that simply eating less will not help you lose weight any faster if you are not exercising enough to lose more calories than you are consuming. For example, if you consume 1200 calories a day and burn 500 from a workout, you can lose a pound within a week. Also, many people who believe this myth find that they may be starving themselves to lose weight. Unfortunately, what will happen is that you will be losing the lean body mass and not the body fat that you wanted which can result in weaker organs and muscles as well as a slower metabolism. So, it’s important to be health conscious to know the extent of certain fads and myths so you can avoid the health risks of certain ‘shortcuts’.



Do HIIT for faster weight loss.

HIIT is known as High-Intensity Interval Training and is known for its effectivity. HIIT involves an alternation between intense bursts of cardio and low-paced recovery periods. For example, someone doing a HIIT routine would do a light walk for 30 seconds and then do a fast sprint for 60 seconds. They would repeat this rotation for 15-30 minutes. HIIT is more effective than just doing 1 full hour of continuous cardio because it increases your metabolism and makes your heart put in more effort into pumping oxygenated blood throughout the body, allowing the body to stay in a state of burning calories even after the workout is complete. HIIT workouts can be modified to one’s fitness level as well.

Try dieting.

Not all dieting is the same. A diet simply means a type of food a person eats. You can have a seafood diet, a fast food diet, vegan diet, etc. So, diets and dieting are not bad. Everyone is different and it’s about knowing what is best for you. By practicing health conscious, you won’t be disappointed with the results and progress you make. Gary Preacher from HCG Diet (https://hcgdiet.com/) says that diets that give quick results are excellent for motivating people to make lasting changes for a healthier life. When people have proof that something is working for them, it inspires them to make even more healthy changes because they are already seeing the immediate benefits in their physical performance and overall well-being. Dieting can help reboot the body’s metabolism and digestion so that the body’s functions run more smoothly. Think of it as a boost or a needed reset.

There are health myths and misconceptions that seem to work but only to an extent. Gaining knowledge and becoming health conscious will help you to see how these myths can negatively affect the other aspects of one’s health. While eating less may give seemingly quicker results, the degree of internal damage would not be worth the ‘weight loss’ for most people. Being conscious of your health requires you to put your health first even if you are doing it for your appearance. There is most certainly an effective way to get faster, healthier, and safer progress to make you look sexier.

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