In the last five years we have seen the rapid rise of CBD oil industry. To the point where the accessibility of both Hemp oil and CBD oil is rife through out Western Civilisation. It is hard to find a town in the United States that does not have a physical store which specialises in CBD oil or Hemp oil. As such, gain information regarding the differences between Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil can a relatively easy process. All it takes is to walk into a store and have your questions answered by the store assistants who are usually pretty knowledge about must areas of CBD oil v Hemp Oil. But if you are unable to make it to a store then that where this article comes in as we will lay down the main differences between that of Hemp Oil and CBD Oil and what you should know about each of these great products. 

What Is CBD Oil And What Does it Act As a Remedy For? 

Cannabidiol oil otherwise known as CBD oil is a derivative product found in cannabis plants. It is a cannabinoid which is a chemical which is present in cannabis plants. CBD oil is usually produced via an extraction process involving the leaves of the plant. The CBD is then turned into an oil through a different process. Either way the important thing to note is that CBD oil provides an extensive list of health benefits for consumers. As it has been known to improve and decrease anxiety issues in users. This is due to the CBD oil relaxing the consumer this is achieved through the cannabidiol reacting with receptors in the brain to increase the production of serotonin. Serotonin is known to improve happiness and calmness in users. CBD oil is also a great product for those that are looking to deal with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and recurrent pain disorders.

What Is Hemp Oil And What Does it Act as a Remedy For? 

On the other hand, you have hemp oil which is produced from hemp plants as the name would identify. Specifically it is usually produced from the hemp leaves rather than the seeds which are found in the plant. The hemp secretes a significant amount of CBD around the 20% mark which is more than that of regular cannabis plants thus hemp oil is a better alternative that wish to consume a product which is stronger. The products that are based on hemp tend to be more potent as a result meaning a better relaxation feeling and increased pain control. Hemp oil is a great alternative product to CBD oil as it is very eco-friendly, as the stalks of the plants can be utilized to make rope, paper and clothing. Thus, if you are someone who regards sustainability as an important issue then you may prefer to consume Hemp Oil rather that of CBD oil due to this fact. All in all, both products have there positives and negatives if you require any further information there are plenty of resources to increase your knowledge pool 

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