So, you are into bodybuilding and you are looking for ways to speed up your training results. Well, Tmuscle bodybuilding and fitness forum is the best place for you. We have put together some bodybuilding tips that will help you achieve greater muscle and strength.

Of course, there are many ways to achieve greater heights when it comes to bodybuilding. The only problem is that not every tip you find out there can help you develop bigger biceps and, or blow up your chest. The good news is, Tmuscle bodybuilding community has the best tips for you. Here are some of the most effective bodybuilding tips that are backed by science.

Keep challenging those muscles

Well, this sounds obvious. However, in more often than not, those aspiring to blow their chest fall into training ruts. They use just the same weights for months and years for the same exercise in the same rep schemes. Their muscles unsurprisingly don’t grow. This is a muscle-building trap you must avoid. You can do that by practicing progressive overload. Increase the challenge to the muscles regularly by progressively increasing the weight you are lifting. This is an effective approach to progressive overload. Besides overload, you can also do the following:

  • Lift slower or faster
  • Do more reps
  • Change your grip, like from overhand to underhand
  • Reduce the resting periods between the sets

Rest more

Recent studies show that rest periods that go longer than 2 minutes between sets of both compound moves such as pull-ups, and isolation exercises, such as curls are more effective in enhancing gains not only in size but also in strength. Longer rest periods will allow you to carry out more reps especially on subsequent sets. This overtime, greater volume, is likely to lead to increase muscle gains. This is one of the tips promoted vigorously at the Tmuscle bodybuilding and fitness forum.


More often than not, studies usually identify those training techniques which work for most people. It is rare to find a study that accounts for the minority and individual variation even though each body tends to be different. Since there is no one specific combo that works best for all, the best thing to do to achieve greater heights in your bodybuilding endeavor is to try to find out what works best for you.

Eat right

To achieve your bodybuilding goals, you need to observe what you eat and stick to the right foods. Ensure that you are fueling your body properly before a workout and after. Increase the amount of calories, especially those from protein. Time when to take those calories purposefully throughout the day.

Train at the right gym

Ensure that your gym has the right equipment that will help you achieve your goals. You can also workout with a qualified trainer to help you do things the right way and to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Do multiple sets

Instead of doing one, an all-out set of training, do multiple sets as it is not only timesaving, but it also tends to be more effective when it comes to muscle building. According to recent studies, more sets per exercise win exponentially for muscle building.

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