Most of us know that weight loss is ultimately expending more calories than you expend. This can be done by restricting calories, exercising more, or usually a combination of both. Although you can usually lose weight effectively with mild calorie reduction over time, how do you lose weight fast? Some methods are more effective than others so when you need to drop those extra pounds, use these simple but effective methods.

1. Reduce Sugary and Starchy Foods

Foods that are high in carbohydrates make you hold onto fluid and also can be high in calories without helping you to feel full. One of the best ways to cut pounds fast is to limit your overall sugar intake. Try to avoid any added sugars and avoid starchy foods like potatoes, breads, and pastas. Instead, stick with mostly lean proteins and non-starchy vegetables like kale, spinach, and others. Your body will respond by burning through fat stores and you’ll also drop any water weight.

2. Consider Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Although gastric surgery is a method for weight loss, this is often not a good idea when you don’t want surgery or only need to lose a few extra pounds. Gastric Balloon surgery is a non-invasive option that many people have used effectively. In short, a balloon is placed in the stomach and then inflated with air. It reduces your appetite by making your stomach have less room and you’ll find that you’re full with smaller amounts of food. This is a short-term option but also simple and effective.

3. Start Weight Lifting

Although cardio exercise like running is effective for some weight loss, these types of exercise don’t often help you to raise your metabolism. However, weight lifting helps to build muscle mass and increase your metabolism even when you’re not in the gym or working out. You don’t have to take on an extreme routine but lifting weights just three times a week will help you tremendously. If you’re not sure how to get started, work with a trainer and develop a routine that meets your needs and fitness levels. With this step, you’ll be burning calories both during and after your workouts.

4. Cut Out Caloric Drinks

This probably won’t be as effective if you mainly drink water. However, drinks with calories can prevent weight loss without actually helping you to feel full throughout the day. Fruit juices, smoothies, coffee-based drinks, and others are just a few examples of drinks that can add to your calorie intake significantly. When you want to lose weight, stick with plain water and you’ll have a much easier time. After you’ve had the weight loss you want, then you can add in the occasional beverage treat. However, cutting them out will often help you to cut pounds quickly.

These are the most effective ways to lose weight quickly. While you can use them to drop pounds fast, they’re also effective for long-term weight loss in some cases. Sticking with your diet and fitness routine will help you stay on track even when you reach your goal weight. Use these ideas to make sure that you lose weight quickly.

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