Most people from around the world take their vision for granted. Thinking about eye care is simply not something we tend to consider. Unfortunately, the choices that we make on a daily basis can have a negative effect on our vision. Point Grey Eyecare highlights the very worst mistakes that people make much more often than they should. Be sure you avoid this to have proper vision for a longer period of time.

Only Wearing Sunglasses During Summers

It is so easy to remember that you have to wear sunglasses when the sun is strong and you have problems looking around without them but eye protection during winter is just as important. Sun is going to reflect off snow and would cause eye damage that is similar to what will appear during summers. You want to be sure it is a practice to wear your sunglasses if you are outdoors and the sun is bright.

Looking At Electronic Devices For Too Long In One Session

The modern world is a digital one where we often find ourselves staying in front of TV sets, computers, tablets and smartphones. All of these devices are using blue light, one that is seen just as dangerous as the UV light by many doctors. As you stay and look for too long at your screens you are affecting the health of your eyes. A good idea would be to take at least a 20 seconds break every 20 minutes so that your eyes can rest. Eye strain is thus reduced and you get to prevent headaches from appearing.

Sleeping With Contact Lenses One

This is not really a problem if it happens from time to time but when it happens every night you are exposing your eyes to a lack of oxygen. This affects the cornea. Oxygen deprivation is going to increase the possibility of having to deal with infection and bacteria growth is actually promoted. If you take just a short nap you can take out the contacts. Artificial tears are needed when you fall asleep and you forgot to remove the contact lenses.

Not Getting Eye Exams Done

You should go to the eye doctor for a checkup at least one time per year. Most people only go to the doctor when they feel they have a problem. Most eye problems that appear are much easier to solve if they are diagnosed in an early phase. Preventing long lapses between eye appointments is really important. Do be sure you will schedule the following year’s exam from the moment you leave this year’s exam.

Sleeping With Makeup On

For many this looks innocent but when you do not remove makeup in the eye region you end up with glands that are clogged. This can easily lead to various skin irritations like styes and pimples.

Using Eye Solutions That Are Expired

Most people do not know that eye solutions and eye drops have expiration dates. You want to be sure that you use the products appropriately. Cleansers are included in the solutions and the ingredients present will no longer get the job done right after expiration date.

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