Just like other persons, I was surfing on the internet and searching for the treatment of hair transplant London. I came across a site named Clinicspots there I saw the lists of some of the best clinics in London.

I preferred consulting 2-3 doctors before going for the surgery. I got to know the types of treatment for hair transplant and the one that I opted for is called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Though there are two other techniques of hair transplant i.e FUT and PRP.

Let me tell you all the three in detail:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction):Under this, the hair follicles are extracted manually from your donor area (side and the back part of your head) and planted to the bald area. It’s a stitch-less technique of hair transplant and the pain is also minimal.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation):Under this, a strip of hair follicles is taken out from the donor area after giving a local anesthesia. The strip is then divided into grafts of 3-4 hair follicles that will be planted to the bald area. This treatment involves stitching so it’s a bit painful and it leaves a linear scar on your donor area.

PRP (Platelet-rich plasma):It is normally done when the bald area is not big. In this, a blood is taken from your arm just like a normal blood test and platelets are taken out from that blood and then they are injected into your bald area. The platelets help your hair to grow again.

I had the requirement of 2000 grafts and, in the procedure, it just took a sitting of 6 hours and I had been given a local anesthesia for that time. After that, I rested for a while there in the hospital and then came back home. For a day I couldn’t feel anything on my head and then I felt minimal pain for a week.

Also, the hair transplant cost London is reasonable as it costs me £8000, which I felt is not that much high for the quality treatment I got.  The doctor who did the surgery was also highly experienced and handled the procedure carefully.

I undertook some of the precautions that I would recommend you should also take after getting the hair transplant.

  • I didn’t drink alcohol for a week because alcohol thins your blood and it causes bleeding from your scalp as the pores on your scalp are not properly closed.
  • If in pain, don’t take medicine that contains aspirin because aspirin thins your blood and it will cause bleeding.
  • If you feel itchiness on your scalp, don’t scratch it with your nails. You should wash your hair gently with some medicated shampoo as it will remove the scab that is formed around the graft site.
  • I didn’t use the hairdryer for a week as using it on a warm mode thins your hair that can cause hair fall. Though, you can use it on cool mode if you want to.
  • I avoided going to gym for a week as doing workout put the strain on your head that can cause bleeding from your scalp.


Now I’m thinking of opting for beard transplant as there are many clinics in London who do facial hair transplant like

  • Beard transplant- As it is common these days in men to have a long beard but there are many people like me who have patches in their beard, so they should opt for beard transplant in which the hair follicles are transplanted from the donor area to the patchy area.
  • Eyebrow transplant- You can also opt for eyebrow transplant if you have thin eyebrows because of some factors like heredity, overplucking etc.Still, you can get thick eyebrows that looks more attractive to the eyes.
  • Eyelash transplant- This treatment is most common in women as they want to have thick eyelashes that increase the eyes appeal.

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