Dipping has been extremely popular in the Southern cities of US since the early 19thcentury at least. The evolutions have been remarkable as American s enjoyed dry snuff since the early 18thcentury. With the advent of the moist snuff, the practice of dipping slowly caught on and it is practiced to this day. A smokeless way of enjoying your tobacco, the latest products in the market are drip-free and spit-less.

But no matter how modern and attractive snuff gets, the health hazard associated with tobacco consumption remains a major point of concern. Many people start “dipping” to get rid of smoking but end up embracing one bad habit for another. Tobacco consumption can affect the heart and lungs apart from causing tooth and mouth cancer. There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel. With the tobacco-less dips offered by Smokey Mountain chew and other brands, there is a way to enjoy your dip without the harmful tobacco going in your body.

The Smokey Mountain moist tobacco-free dips come in two flavors, classic and Wintergreen. Before we look at the products themselves, let’s first look at the different cuts of moist snuff dips and the popular flavors.

  • Long Cut: The most popular cut in the US, these thin but long strands of tobacco leaves are sold in pouches or cans. A pinch of the tobacco is placed between the upper lip and gum.
  • Extra Long Cut: Slightly longer than long cut with similar characteristics.
  • Wide Cut: A variant of the long cut with wider strands.
  • Ready Cut: A cube of long cuts that gets softened with saliva and take the shape of the user’s mouth.
  • Fat Cut:Mostly popular in rural America, the fat cut represents thick strands of tobacco leaves which are smoother than long cuts. There are usually no spitless variants of the fat cut snuff because of the amount of tobacco juice produced from the strands. These are mostly enjoyed by seasoned dippers.
  • Fine Cut: A considerably modern variant, the tobacco leaves are cut fine and small to resemble sand more than anything else. Due to the fine nature, dipping is easier and less amount of tobacco can get the same level of kick.

These snuffs come in a variety of flavors starting from classic and Wintergreen to fruity flavors such as peach and grape. But the four prominent flavors carried by all brands are:

  • Natural
  • Straight
  • Mint
  • Wintergreen

There are also different versions of Wintergreen and Mint available in the market. Sometimes users can get their hands on alcohol flavored dips as well. Dips with flavors of Bourbon and Rum can be found amongst a plethora of other flavors.  

Effects of Dipping Tobacco:

Dipping tobacco addiction releases nicotine in the mouth and body of users on a regular basis. There have been made considerable researches on the effects of dips on the health of users. While they seem to be less dangerous while compared to cigarettes and pipes, there is definitely some risk if you continue this habit for long:

  • Cardiovascular Effects: Studies have found that dipping tobacco could lead to different cardiovascular problems such as high LDL, hypertension, resting tachycardia and low HDL cholesterol in the long run.
  • Oral Cancer: Regular ingestion of dipping tobacco could turn to lesions within the mouth that can turn malignant without proper care. Oral cancer can affect the tongue, cheek, gum, throat, roof and floor of mouth, tooth and lip.
  • Tooth and Gum Loss:There have been cases observed where prolonged user of dipping tobacco has led to tooth and gum decay which results in artificial dentures and gum replacements to be employed.
  • Nicotine Irritation: There are a number of dipping tobacco users who have inherent nicotine mucosa irritation. If the habit is continued, the irritation expands and could lead to medical emergencies.

Tobacco-free Dips:

This brings us neatly into the topic of tobacco-free dips. If the habit of dipping is too ingrained within your lifestyle and yet you are worried about the negative factors of ingesting nicotine, these new dips could turn out to be your best option. The Smokey Mountain tobacco-free dips are made from hand-selected Kadzu root and corn-silk. Giving a sweet and strong sensation, they can be a rich spitless alternative for you.

The tobacco-free Smokey Mountain dips are available in Classic and Wintergreen variants, both known for their strong floral and minty flavors. So what are you thinking? Give tobacco-free dips a try today and see if you get hooked to it. Because if you do, you get to say goodbye to nicotine forever.

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