Men of all ages cansuffer fromerectile dysfunction.This is a scary prospect. However, in the vast majority of cases, erectile dysfunction, or ED, can be treated and even completely cured.

Dealing with erectile dysfunction on your own, however, isn’t recommended. This article will help advise you on which steps you need to take to surmount this awkward ailment.

How Does It Start?

In medicine, there’s always a cause behind a symptom. Seeing as how erectile dysfunction is a medical problem, there has to be a cause behind it. Most men will experience the problem at some point in their lives. Often, the reasons are psychological, derivingfrom anxiety and awkwardness. Other times, the problem is more physical in nature.

Stress is a well-known cause of erectile dysfunction. Along with stress, there’s anxiety and even simple tiredness. Alcohol is a known cause of ED. Alternatively, erectile dysfunction can be caused by an underlying health condition. If your erection problems don’t stop, be sure to check in with your GP.

Go to a Sexual Clinic

Wherever you live in the UK, you’ll likely find a sexual clinic in a nearby town. Sexual clinics are facilities that deal with genital problems.Every sexual clinic is capable of providing the same treatment that you’d get at your GP’s surgery.However, you’re likely get your test results quicker at a sexual clinic than you would at your local practice.

Although you can set an appointment at a sexual clinic, many offer a walk-in service. With issues such as ED, being able to go to a specialised clinic without an appointment is a huge relief. Again, erectile dysfunction is often caused by stress. But it also produces stress, which may only prolong the problem. Meeting with a qualified professional who can both reassure you and help solve this nagging problem is immensely valuable.

What Will Happen at the Appointment

Mostpeopleare reluctant when it comes to agenital examination. This is especially true of men. Wanting to wait the problem out is fully understandable. However, erectile dysfunction is often harmless, the result of the kind of underlying health problem mentioned above. Therefore, you should go to a sexual clinic as soon as possible for a thorough examination.

Don’t worry, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to have to undergo a prostate examination. However, if your prostate does need examining, it’s best to have some of the more severepotential issues ruled out.

Expect the typical health checks, such as your blood pressure and a stethoscope exam. Also, expect to have your genitals examined – the nurse or a doctor will need to rule out an apparent physical cause.

Although some of these exam prospects can be scary, it’s best that you have everything checked out, so that you can resume your regular sex life.


Depending on what exactly is the cause of your ED issues, the treatment is going to change. A very encouraging fact is that modern methods of detection are more sophisticated than those from a couple of decades back.

Narrowed blood vessels in the penis may cause erectile dysfunction. In this case, they may prescribe you medicine to lower your blood pressure. These medications will be prescribed in instances of high blood pressure, as well. If the root of your ED problem is high cholesterol, you’ll get statins, which will help keep your cholesterol levels under control.

If the cause of your erectile dysfunction is hormonal in nature, you’ll have to undergo hormone replacement treatment. This includes medications that will help restore ideal hormone levels.

However, erectile dysfunction can easily be due to the side-effects of medication. In this case, you should visit your GP to discuss a change in treatment. They’ll probably recommend something like Sildenafil (generic Viagra). Although you can get Sildenafil without a prescription, you should still check with the local sexual clinic or your GP.

Erectile Dysfunction Is Common

As you can see, ED is nothing to be scared about. In the vast majority of cases, erectile dysfunction is treatable or curable. In many instances, it’s only temporary and purely a result of anxiety, stress, or tiredness.

With that said, visiting a sexual clinic for a professional advice is definitely recommended. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to such problems.

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