Corporate psychology is slowly gaining momentum and psychologists have started to examine an individual’s personality attributes to gain clarity. The examination strictly revolves around debunking personality stereotypes like – extroverts attend more parties and introverts are immersed in reading books. However when these individuals are placed in a high competitive work environment, an introvert might transform into a go-getter and an extrovert cocoon him.

Punctuality is an important trait that every employee must possess and it largely depends on the organization hygiene. Corporate psychologists need to be in constant sync with the organization’s ethos to check on factors affecting tardiness. Research shows that employees with young kids tend to be late most of the time. As a contradiction to the stereotype, bachelors tend to be late as well. So we cannot stereotype and hire employees in accordance with their matrimonial status. Therefore, the organization can conduct personality tests to understand their employees better.

Holidays and punctuality

The federal holidays form a major chunk of the total list of holidays provided by an organization. Holidays have a strong effect towards motivating an employee to come to office on time. Holidays also form add on to an organization’s work culture and corporate hygiene. It is observed that once the holiday period is over, the employees lack the motivation to come for work. It is a very common sight to observe a slack in punctuality and flow when holiday season approaches or ends. This leads to employee tardiness and the positive work environment suffers a setback. Motivation cannot be generalized and varies from employee to employee.

However, by implementing personalized checks in terms of reminders, customized time checks and personalized work hours can build positive association. To curb the post-holiday blue at work place, various extrinsic motivation techniques can be adapted. These lead to intrinsic motivation in the employees’ minds over a period of time and they feel positive about the organization.

Motivational techniques

Employee recognition, trainings and workshops, incentives and off-site activities are some of the core motivational techniques adopted by successful organizations. These create the sudden need to strive for the recognition or actively participate in events. The suddenness adds to the positivity and good hygiene and better work flow at every organization. Apart from employee recognitions, there can be special recognitions for those who are punctual and exhibit positive outlook towards the company. There are certain softwares that can be digitally integrated into your company’s system. These help the Human Resource team regulate the employee clock system across the globe. It also enables the managers to keep a check on the in times and out times and send out real-time updates through emails and texts. These form a one to one association and equality prevails.

Corporate Psychology – way forward

Holidays are a must and the federal holidays add on to every company’s holiday list offered the employees. It is advisable to grant long vacations around these holiday periods to reduce employee harassment and work flow disruption. By clubbing government holidays and regular paid leaves, the employees are at ease, as they don’t lose out on additional paid leaves. This affects the quality of their work and their lives that get into a balanced sync.

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