Whether you have been gaining pounds and pounds of fat due to overconsumption of all those junks and sodas or you have just delivered a baby and are trying to fit back in your pre-pregnancy jeggings. Weight loss is always on our goals list. We all want to have that perfect beach body so that we can dare to wear anything without any inhibitions. In the recent past, bikini body workouts have been a rage among fitness freaks.

The Internet has been full of a plethora of bikini body workout guides to choose from. This makes it very confusing for most people to be able to choose the right workout guide, as not every workout guide is a great guide and may not always work for everyone. Here are some things that you should look at when buying a workout guide for yourself.


Ease of payment and accessibility is one of the key things that you should consider when you are investing in your workout guide. Some workout guides such as Jen Ferrugia’s Bikini Body Workout Guide has Citibank as its payment processor, which makes it very efficient and reliable when it comes to payment processing. The subscribers are given access to members only area as soon as the payment is processed. On the other hand payment and accessibility is a long and tedious task with some workout guides, which can be very annoying as a customer.


When you are not hitting a gym and are relying on workout guides to shed your weight, the simplicity of instructions is extremely important. Simple, clear and well-defined steps will help you make the most of your workout guide.


It is very important that workout steps are explained correctly and in detail to make sure that it is done effectively and safely. While many workout guides offer only written explanations, some guides such as Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout Guide offer pictorial explanations to explain correct postures and steps.

Ease of Use

The main point of investing in a workout guide is to be able to use it at home easily without making any further financial investments such as gym memberships or equipment purchases. Therefore, it is better to go for workout guides that requires you to use minimum gym equipment.


Some workout guides such as Jenn Ferruga’s Guide give you a money back guarantee. This means that you can make a safe investment and can make a claim if you feel you did not achieve the required results after a certain time period. Guides that do not offer any such guarantees are always a risky purchase as the workout may or may not work for you.


Price is always the most important factor in your purchasing power will decide how far you can go with investing in your fitness regime. Fortunately, there are numerous workout guides available at different price ranges so you can choose from the ones that fit your pocket.

Although there are various bikini body workout guides available on the market today, the two most hyped ones were the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and Jen Ferruga Bikini Body Workout Guide. Both these guides are extremely effective and have been a massive hit but Jen Farrugia has been a favourite so far for the economical pricing with a money back guarantee. You can learn more about the two workout guides on http://www.bikinibodyguidereview.com/ so that you are able to make a better choice.

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