If you know a bit about CBD, then you also know that it comes with important health benefits. CBD has been shown to improve insomnia and other sleep disorders, nausea, epilepsy, mood disorders, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and conditions that affect the immune system.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that so many people turn to CBD when it comes to alternative medicine. Even though organic and THC-free CBD oil – like the one provided by Rejuvia – comes with many benefits, it is still important that we do our research and find out more about any potential side effects or complications.

Therefore, in the following lines, we will talk about CBD dosage. In short, how much should you take, or how can you determine how much CBD can you take in one day?

Dosage Considerations

To determine the proper dosage for you, the following factors are to be taken into account:

  • Concentration – this refers to the amount of CBD that a particular product contains. It is measured in milligrams – mg – and differs from dosage, as the latter indicates the amount of CBD per single serving.
  • Body Weight – given that CBD affects the body directly, it is important to take as much CBD as your body can handle. Overall, heavier people will need higher doses to enjoy the full effects of a CBD product, while lighter people may even need to lower the recommended doses.
  • Effects – naturally, you also have to take into account the effects that you want to enjoy with the use of CBD. If you experience severe anxiety or chronic pain, you may require a higher dosage to alleviate your symptoms.
  • Tolerance – if you use CBD for a long time, then keep in mind that you may develop a certain tolerance to the substance. Therefore, if you want to achieve your desired results in this case, you will need to increase the CBD dosage subsequently.

Doctor’s Recommendation

First of all, doctors cannot prescribe you CBD, only recommend it. This is because the substance doesn’t come with any recommended daily allowance or any universal dose for people.

On the other hand, studies have shown that excessive use of CBD comes with little to no health issues. Two studies from 2011 and 2017 have shown that extended consumption of even high doses had no effect on humans.

However, a study from 2019 confirmed that high doses of CBD might affect the liver as well as its interactions with other medication – the study was done on mice.

Overall, CBD doesn’t come with the correct dosage. But, if you consult with a doctor, you will probably be told the following:

  • If you are in the lightweight group (less than 130 lbs.), the recommended dosage for mild effects would be a maximum of 11mg, for moderate effects of 12 to 14mg, and for strong effects from 15 to 17mg.
  • A medium-weight group (130 to 230 lbs.) implies 18mg or less for mild effects, 19 to 23mg for moderate effects, and 24 to 27mg for strong effects.
  • Lastly, the heavy weight group (more than 230 lbs.) implies a maximum of 23mg for mild effects, 24 to 30mg for moderate effects, and 31 to 45mg for strong effects.

Keep in mind that these dosage recommendations are only approximate and subjective, mainly because of the nature of CBD use. We highly recommend that you consult your doctor before you start using CBD, especially if it is your first time.

The Bottom Line

Even though most people claim that there is no correct dosage for CBD consumption, it is always better to consume it responsibly. In short, do not abuse it and expect higher doses to work better.

For example, you could seek the advice of a professional and build yourself a CBD consumption plan to help you keep track of how much you use and if it helps your condition or not.

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