The age-old practice of meditation has slowly gained popularity in today’s world as people uncover the amazing benefits it offers. Despite its popularity, many people believe that meditation involves sitting and doing nothing. This is far from the truth. Meditation requires a lot of concentration and intention and can simply be described as a state of awareness. It involves several meditation exercises that help to calm you down and increase your focus and observation.


There are many different types of meditation, too many to mention here. Within each category of meditation exist other subcategories and it can be hard to discover, leave alone practice, all of them. There is no one ‘right way’ to meditate and you are free to explore the different varieties.


You can start by trying these two simple meditation techniques:

– Focused-attention Meditation

This technique requires you to focus all your attention on just one thing. The center of focus can be a thought, object, image, or even your own breathing. You must remove any distractions from your mind and have a clear intention to remain focused. This technique improves concentration by teaching the mind how to remain focused on one thing. It also improves efficiency and reduces the tendency to multitask.

– Open-monitoring Meditation

For this technique, you should be conscious and aware of the thoughts that are flowing freely through your mind. Unlike in focused-attention where you block everything out, in open-monitoring, you let the whole world in. You should remain aware of the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing without becoming attached to them. The main benefit of open-monitoring is that it improves creativity and awareness.


Meditation is highly beneficial to the mind and body. Here are a few ways meditation can improve your life:

1. Reduces Stress

Meditation is an effective way to combat stress as it promotes relaxation and well-being. Mindful meditation is a meditative technique used especially to reduce stress levels and subdue the psychological responses brought on by stress. Meditation is empowering as it gives you increased control over your nervous system and emotions.

2. Fights Depression

Meditation greatly improves mental and emotional health by helping to balance the neurotransmitters responsible for mental states. Meditation also decreases the size of the Amygdala which is the brain’s depression or fear center. Meditation improves how we deal with worry, tension, and disappointment.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Meditation prompts relaxation which helps the heart function better and reduces any strain on it. When relaxed, the body releases compounds which stimulate blood vessels to expand and allow more blood to pass through. This leads to a drop in blood pressure and protects the heart from a variety of cardiovascular complications.

4. Promotes Happiness

All the benefits of meditation come together to improve overall well-being and increase happiness. Meditation improves acceptance and self-discipline. It increases inner-peace, focus, motivation, and spiritual development. Those who meditate experience more positive emotions and are able to effectively regulate their negative emotions.


Meditation is a wonderful practice that everyone should adopt. The emotional and physical benefits of meditation are immense. Meditation provides relaxation and enhanced self-awareness and offers our senses a restart when they are dulled by the comings and goings of this stressful world. Try out the different types of meditation and find one that suits your personality and lifestyle.


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