We often associate Marijuana and Cannabis with substance abuse. However, while certain bi-products of these plants are used as addictive drugs, these plants have been used as herbs for treating multiple diseases for centuries. Medical researchers have studied multiple chemical compounds in these plants to prove the medicinal properties and health benefits of these herbs. CBD oil is a medically proven compound that has extracts of cannabis and marijuana plant compounds. A good full-spectrum oil such as CBD oil 10% can act as an excellent alternative medicine. Here are a few health benefits of using CBD oil.

Helps Relieving Pain

Modern-day lifestyles have become incredibly stressful and chronic pain is one of the most common issues amongst people of all ages and lifestyles. There are multiple problems such as spinal pa9n, arthritis pain, and other bone and muscular pain that people find difficult to deal with and affect their daily functioning. Although pain killers are readily available, regular consumption of such painkillers can have severe side effects that can cause further medical problems in the long run.

Multiple studies have tested CBD oil both on animals and humans to prove that it has immense pain-relieving properties.  Many studies proved that consuming a good quality full-spectrum CBD oil not only relaxes muscles and helps with pain relief but also helps in improving sleep quality.

Helps Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are unfortunately another common denominators of the modern-day lifestyle among all age groups. Whether its academic stress, domestic issues, peer pressure, professional dynamics or general lifestyle habits, there are many factors around us that trigger stress, anxiety, and depression. In most cases, people as young as teenagers resort to anti-depressants and tranquilizers, which can have extreme side effects in the long run such as insomnia, chronic fatigue, and even sexual dysfunction.

CBD oil is an excellent alternative to such pharmaceutical drugs and can combat anxiety and depression without any major side effects. CBD has also proven to be an excellent alternative medication to treat PTSD symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety among young children.

Cancer Treatments

Cancer is one of the most difficult and painful diseases to fight. Even when it is detected and diagnosed, most treatment procedures such as chemo are extremely painful and can cause further side effects. Although CBD alone cannot eliminate cancer, it is a significant player in facilitating Cancer treatments. It not only minimizes cancer symptoms but also helps to minimize the side effects of extreme procedures and medications such as vomiting and liver dysfunctions. CBD’s pain-relieving properties are a great support for patients undergoing chemo and radiation therapies.

Acne Treatment

Those little pink and white bumps that appear on our face like an unwelcomed guest is a nightmare for many of us. Acne is very tricky to deal with because usually, it takes one to try a lot of products to get rid of these messy painful bumps clustering your face. Many times, trying random skincare products or resorting to heavy pharmaceutical medications either worsens the problem or lead to other side effects such as hormonal fluctuations.

Multiple test-tube studies have proven that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help reducing sebum production, which in turn helps in reducing acne without any side effects.

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