Over the course of the past few years, CBD has transformed from an outlawed medical mystery to a common holistic solution that can be purchased at your preferred pharmacy, online, or in your nearest grocery store.

With such a sudden explosion of popularity, many new to the CBD scene are likely wondering why the chemical component has become such a nationwide phenomenon. CBD is derived from a chemical compound found inside the cannabis plant, and offers a variety of health benefits. Although frequently compared to its sibling THC, CBD comes without the cognitive metamorphosis we commonly know as a “high”. CBD can also potentially be used to relieve THC’s psychoactive symptoms.

The cannabis industry is booming thanks to CBD’s promise and reward. Such a surprisingly huge rise in the medical applications of CBD leaves everyone asking what the buzz is all about. Today, CBD is marketed as the ultimate cure-all remedy for all types of bodily pain and discomfort. Among the many common day-to-day struggles people turn to CBD for solutions are muscle soreness, anxiety and acne.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. CBD is non-psychoactive, and contains zero hallucinogenic or intoxicating properties, unlike its commonly known sibling THC, which is also extracted from the marijuana plant. This stark distinction basically means you are not subject to the “high” that typically comes with nicotine or marijuana consumption. Instead, with CBD you feel a host of other positive effects, such as minimized anxiety and soothed pain.

Why should I try CBD?

If you were to visit any well-stocked local grocery store, wellness center, or vitamin shop, you’re bound to encounter CBD in some shape or form. Whether it’s CBD capsules or CBD infused lotions, there’s plenty of options available to CBD shoppers. So, what’s the hype? Why should you try CBD?

CBD can provide pain relief

CBD oil is a very common chronic pain relief tool. The refined oil extract is much thicker than its edible equivalent, making it a better alternative for those undergoing extreme treatments or in need of more effective natural medication. For fast-acting relief, put a few CBD drops under your tongue so it can be easily absorbed in your bloodstream. For first-timers, CBD gummies are your best bet—they’re usually a lot yummier than edible CBD oils.

The intensity of the dosage ranges from one supplier to another; so be sure to look at the overall number of milligrams present in any given container to decide just how many doses per dose you need. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that not all CBD oils are created equal.

CBD helps you sleep more soundly

Chronic sleep deprivation can contribute to a myriad of consequential chronic conditions, such as heart failure and different types of cancer— so it’s incredibly important to prioritize your sleep quality. If you catch yourself counting sheep endlessly or tossing and turning at night, CBD might be your answer.

Even though the clinical findings on CBD and sleep are fairly recent, they have repeatedly shown that CBD allows the mind and body to calm at night and leads to higher quality sleep at night.

While the studies are not definitive, the vast majority of research indicates that CBD has the potential to extend the time in which you remain in deep sleep (REM). REM is important to the natural human sleep cycle, as it stimulates the parts of the brain that are central to the learning, development and maintenance of new memories. At the end of the day, the greater your sleep quality, the stronger your brain.

Stress and anxiety are frequently used interchangeably as they are two physical and psychological conditions, however by their individual definitions, the two are completely separate. Stress is usually associated with a single incident, whereas anxiety is the reaction to distressed feelings and frequently has no direct cause. There are similar physiological indications of both stress and anxiety including:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Irregular breathing pattern
  • Intestinal issues

Although stress and anxiety are separate entities, CBD can be used for both! By treating the above physiological symptoms, CBD can help alleviate feelings of unrest and distress. CBD has been shown to help improve serotonin levels and reduce the severity of symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is important to remember, however, that more severe anxiety disorders need further care, such as medication or medical assistance, to be fully resolved.

With all of this new knowledge empowering you, are you eager to try CBD? Let us know in the comments below!

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