It is a known fact that men are less likely to ask for help than female. When you get lost on a road trip, the men are usually staring at a map, while the women are asking strangers for direction. This has a lot to do with the hunter and problem-solving desire that is deeply rooted in the gender from day one of existence. This is what makes a man feel masculine and strong. Unfortunately, that can be very detrimental to what comes to their health.


When an illness or health issue is caught in the early stage, it can be prevented from escalating further. When it comes to wellness, it’s important that men do not ignore any warning signs. Since males are known to be hunters and providers, it’s essential that they remain healthy. Websites like emphasizes the importance of the health and wellness of the male population. You don’t want to take your health for granted, after all, it’s manly and masculine to be fit and healthy.


Here are 7 Reasons Why Men Should Be Attentive to Their Health:

Younger men are diagnosed with prostate cancer

Statistics have shown that over 10% of prostate cancers are diagnosed in men younger than 55 years old. This means that you will have to get your PSA checked at age 40 to be on the safe side. If prostate cancer is diagnosed in the early stage, they usually have an excellent prognosis.

Exercising will Lower your Cholesterol

High cholesterol can put you at risk for heart attack, stroke, and peripheral artery disease. When you exercise, you speed up your metabolism to burn fat. This will, in turn, reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride level in your body.

Men can have Menopause

If the testosterone level is too low, men would experience low sex drive, depression, hot flashes, mood swings, increase body fat, irritability and a decrease in energy. It is very similar to the female menopause, except it’s called andropause. It’s important to see a health care provider to check your testosterone level. If it’s at the lower end, then supplements or injections can be given to normalize the level.

Coffee can Reduce Erectile dysfunction (ED)

As men get older, they are prone to Erectile dysfunction. This can be very detrimental to their sex lives. Fortunately, coffee may reduce the symptoms of ED. If you experience ED, it’s important to see your doctor. Through a thorough physical examination and blood test, the doctor can find the underlying cause that can be the result of your ED. Keep in mind that healthy living such as exercise and taking in the proper diet and nutrition can also help reduce ED.

Health Screening by the Age

For men in the 30s, they should get a physical every two years, blood pressure checked annually, cancer screening should occur every three years, cholesterol checked every three years and testicular self-exam every month.


For men in their 40s, they should get a blood pressure check annually, cancer screening every three years, cholesterol check every three years, testicular self-exam every year, physical every two years, PSA and digital rectal exam and stool test every year.


For men in their 50s, they should get the blood pressure checked annually, cancer screening every three years, cholesterol check every three years, a testicular exam every month, sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy every 3 to 4 years, PSA and digital rectal exam on an annual basis.


Men live on average five years less than women. Men are 1.3 times more likely to have cancer than women and they are twice as more likely to die from liver disease. This is why it’s important that men take a proactive approach to their health and work with their providers.

The Samadi challenge

Statistics have shown that women make over 70% of the medical decision in the household. They are proactive and will ask all the important questions from the doctor. They make an informed decision regarding their health. Women are becoming more interested in men’s health as well. They want to strive to ensure that their family members are safe and healthy. Through the Samadi challenge, women will learn the common disease risk factors in men, improve the lifestyle of the men in their lives, encourage men to get annual screening, and seek treatment if the diagnostic exam shows a positive result.

Take home message

It is imperative to be and to a proactive approach to yours. This can ensure that you will have more energy, focus, and live longer. Through wellness and preventative approach, certain illness can be detected early and treated to prevent any further problems. This, in turn, can save a person’s life and promote a better and happier future.


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