Have you been feeling that you forget things easily or misplace thoughts and ideas? There is a high possibility that the issue isn’t memory, but your lack of concentration. Due to the distracting influences of gadgets and the Internet, lack of concentration is a major problem that most people face these days. If you are suffering from issues relating to short attention span, poor focus and lack of concentration, yoga is going to come to your rescue. Here are five yoga poses that you can do, in order to improve your concentration.

Train your brain with Tree Pose

In the Vrikshasana, or the Tree Pose, you need to stand straight with your hands folded. Slowly life a leg and place it against the other thigh, lift your hands above your head while inhaling slowly and while exhaling, gradually lower them to the position of a ‘namaskar’ and finally release. Do the same with the other leg and repeat. It enhances balance, stability, and has a calming effect on the nervous system

Be sharp like an eagle with Eagle Pose

Garudasana or the Eagle Pose involves you twisting one leg and an arm around the other and doing squats in that position with regulated slow breathing. The key to this posture is balance. This aasana takes you out of your comfort zone, and as you calm down and balance your body, you learn to focus and concentrate.

Natarajasana to reduce fidgeting to naught

We keep getting distracted with everything happening around. It is like our brain is constantly fidgeting. Give it some rest with this graceful dance like posture dedicated to the God of dance, Nataraja. Stand up straight and bend your right leg backwards and grab your ankle with the right hand. Slowly inhale while raising your left hand and gradually tilt forward, as much as you can, without losing balance. Repeat with the other side. This helps you improve blood circulation to the brain and concentrate better.

Breathe your worries away with Nadi Shoddana Pranayama

Nadi Shoddana Pranayama or alternate nostril breathing is pretty self-explanatory. You sit in a lotus position, breathe in slowly through one nostril, covering the left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand. Release slowly and breathe again through the left nostril, while covering the right nostril with your thumb. Repeat this exercise daily and see your stress melt away. You will be renewed with vigour and focus like never before

Shavasana for your sleep

This is a relaxing posture to be performed at the end of your yoga session notes the Float Spa. It requires you to lie straight on your back, lefts stretched, feet pointing forward, arms by your side, palms down. Doing this for fifteen minutes daily not only improves blood circulation to your brain, it also releases stress and improves your sleep schedule. As your brain gets the right amount of sleep, it automatically functions better, improving your concentration.


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Along with yoga, you need to take care of your brain’s nutrition too. Medicines like Modalert have been designed specifically to help you improve focus and concentration, but nutrient specific dietary supplements might also be necessary. Your brain is an investment, so take care of it today for a healthier tomorrow.  Resources such as EHI Primary Care may be able assist in your aim to be a healthier individual.


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