When it comes to losing a lot of weight, you will have to look at it as a long-term goal. The road to keeping yourself healthy and in shape should be something that one should do consistently, and not just for a short while. While a lot of people have differing ideas on how to lose weight, especially over 100 pounds, there are similar tips from people that are tried and tested.

Here are 5 tips to losing over 100 pounds.

  1. Fill up your pantry with healthy food.

The key to losing weight is proper diet and exercise. Which means that you need to have a proper stock of food in your pantry for your day to day meal. Setting up your food storage is one way of being in control of your food consumption. This is also an effective way to avoid getting tempted by purging yourself with treats every now and then. It is important that you have fresh fruits and vegetables that are easily accessible. You will more likely grab healthy food in your pantry or food shelves if you stack them in advance.

  1. Consider going through a weight-loss surgery.

Losing weight especially when you have to go through surgery is costly. The average weight-loss surgery costs around $20,000. However, it is a worthy cost and a good option for those who need to opt for an immediate and permanent life changes. Not everyone can be a candidate for a weight-loss surgery so you will have to check it first with your doctor. Going through weight-loss surgery can also help in getting rid of a lot of health problems, most especially blood pressure.

  1. Keep track of your progress.

When you have to lose over 100 pounds of weight, it is vital that you know how consistent you are with your progress. Keep track of your progress by jotting down pertinent information such as your food intake, your exercise routine, and whatnots. You can also do it creatively by saving a daily file of the food you are eating. This way, you can review all the stuff you have eaten before you take the next one. Having a record of your progress can help you decide if you need to downsize your food intake or something else.

  1. Try using a meal replacement plan.

Another effective way of losing over 100 pounds is by trying a replacement plan. Under a professional’s guidance, you can swap one regular meal with a special shake as a healthy meal replacement. These meal replacements are packed with vitamins and nutrients that will help you get through the day.

  1. Try water-related exercises.

Swimming is one of the activities that is known for fantastic calorie burn and a whole body workout. It is a good cardio and muscle-building workout that can help one shed some pounds.  The best thing about water-related exercises is that there’s no pressure on your joints because the water will hold you up. It can also enhance circulation and relieve pain from inflammation.

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