Back pain is a condition that a huge amount of people suffer from and for some, chronic back pain means that they are unable to perform basic tasks in their day to day life. The presence of this constant pain also means that a good night’s sleep can be difficult to achieve, but don’t lose hope! There are many simple tips that you can try to help you sleep better when experiencing back pain.

Invest in a Good Quality Mattress

Did you know that one of the leading causes of back pain is the use of an incorrect mattress? Everyone has a different body that is built differently and needs different support and structure, so don’t think that you can buy any old mattress and will automatically experience the good night’s sleep that you need. For example, a soft mattress will not provide a firm structure for the curves of your body and therefore can encourage bad sleeping positions, so make sure that you get one with solid support.

Try Different Sleeping Positions

If you’ve ever woken up with a crick in your neck from sleeping with it bent, you’ll know just how important sleeping positions are, and this is the same for back pain. Sleeping in the wrong position can not only cause back pain, but can also worsen existing back pain and therefore further hinder your ability to sleep. If you like to sleep on your stomach, this may be the cause of your pain as this sleeping position can greatly strain your back. Instead, try sleeping on your back atop a rolled up towel or small pillow to maintain the natural curve of your spine. 

Do Gentle Exercises Before Bed

One the best ways to alleviate pain is by partaking in gentle exercises, such as yoga. Performing yoga exercises before bed will help you to stretch the muscles that are aching, and consequently secrete endorphins – a hormone that gives off a feeling similar to that of morphine, and can relieve pain symptoms.  As well as this, by stretching regularly with yoga, you will strengthen your back muscles so that they become much more resilient to pain. By constantly working with, and strengthening, your back muscles you will aid your body in keeping the correct posture, therefore relieving symptoms of back pain, allowing you to sleep better.

Relieve Any Stress 

There is a proven link between stress and pain, so it is possible that the intense back pain keeping you up is a result of too much stress in your daily life. There are many ways in which you can eliminate stress from your daily life, such as ceasing to worry about everything and focusing purely on ‘me time’. A great way to distract yourself from stress is by taking a long, hot bath. This not only allows you to take your mind away from stress, but can also relax any tension and stress that have built up in your back muscles. 

Distract Your Mind from the Pain

Whilst the pain is definitely present, when we focus purely on the sensation of pain our mind can trick us into believing that it is far more severe than it actually is, meaning that you may believe you’re in extreme pain when in reality it is mild. There is one way to combat this, though, and that is through distraction. If all you’re doing is thinking about how much pain you’re in, you’re not going to get rid of it. Try distractions when you’re trying to sleep such as audiobooks, calming music, or sounds like ASMR.

Sleeping with back pain can be extremely difficult, and this lack of rest can cause disruption in your daily life and even worsen the pain. Make sure that you never find it hard to sleep with back pain again by giving these five tips a try.

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