You may not realize how big a role healthy sleeping plays in our life. As a matter of fact, problems caused by wrong sleeping habits can be tremendous. The kind you really don’t want to deal with. Here you will find five tips that will ensure that sleep brings you nothing but rest and fresh energy. But before we move on to these tips, please, keep in mind that if you already do have such symptoms as problematic breathing during your sleep or feeling constantly sleepy, never feeling rested, you probably should consult a doctor. And now let’s actually discuss the steps towards healthy sleeping.


1.​ You must have just the right pillow

The right pillow will ensure that your body actually rests during your sleep and doesn’t get additional stiffness instead. A poorly chosen pillow may cause you all sorts of aches and pains in the morning. If your neck regularly hurts when you wake up, it means you must probably think about changing your pillow. The best pillow for neck pain should be not too high but not too low either. The same is true about its softness. Too soft is not acceptable, just as too hard isn’t good.

2.​ Keep regular hours

The hormone that is responsible for our sleep is called melatonin. This is a very important hormone as in addition to helping us fall asleep, it also slows down the body’s aging, helps to regulate blood pressure, stimulates the immune system and does many more equally great things. A really important fact is that this hormone is produced by our body during the night hours and in the dark, i.e. lighting diminishes its production. This is why it is advisable to go to sleep before midnight and sleep through the night with the light off.

3.​ Get enough sleep

It is believed adults should sleep no less than eight hours. This is the time that provides the mind and body with enough rest. People who sleep less risk suffering from fatigue and deficit of attention. They are likely to feel constantly stressed.

4.​ To rest well you need no noise

Many people have the habit of sleeping with the TV or Radio on. As a matter of fact, this is not such a good idea for several reasons. First of all, just as you need darkness, you also need it to be quiet in the room where you sleep for you to be able to rest. Besides, ask yourself why it is that you have to turn on the TV before you can doze off. Most likely, it’s because you aren’t able to do so without these soothing sounds. It’s something to work on. Falling asleep is just a skill we develop in our childhood. It might not function properly for some reason, most likely because you are too stressed, or just maybe because you’ve taught yourself to fall asleep to a certain sound. If you use the sound of the TV or radio to decrease your stress level, it is a better idea to try some relaxation instead. It’s definitely much healthier. If this is just a habit you’ve developed, then treat it as such – simply a bad habit and get rid of it.

5.​ Keep moderate temperature in the room you sleep

The last but not the least, the temperature in the room where you sleep mustn’t be too high. Ideally, it should stay around 20 degrees Celsius or around 68 Fahrenheit. Such room temperature will allow you to wake up freshened up.

Follow these steps and keep your sleeping habits healthy. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

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