If you have had or you are about to have a mastectomy, there is no doubt that you will have a great number of questions and concerns running around your head. A mastectomy is performed when there is cancer of the breast or when a person is at high risk of developing a cancer of the breast. This could well be to do with genetic influences and in discussion with doctors and surgeons, it may be prudent to have the operation performed so as to prevent the cancer. During a mastectomy, the breast is removed, either one breast or both and the operation can be performed on both men and women, although we commonly associate the operation with women.

Certainly for a woman, the procedure can be painful, not only physically but emotionally too. Being left without a breast or breasts can leave a woman feeling quite vulnerable and for some, unattractive. The good news however is that there is now a wide choice of mastectomy bras that you can purchase and soon after the operation, you will be able to use a bra of your choice and not have to worry about your clothes not sitting properly. You will be able to get post treatment bras easy these days. Reconstructive surgery is an option but whether or not you decide to take this option will depend on your preferences and your own assessment. Either way, you can use a mastectomy bra while you are deciding or for a more permanent solution, but what should you keep in mind before choosing your bra?

  • Make sure that you have a discussion with your surgeon prior to purchasing your bra. He / she will be able to advise you on when it is the correct time to wear a bra and will be able to advise you on the features that he / she would recommend from the bra. You may well be provided with a foam prosthesis which is inserted into the pocket of the bra or you may consider a bra with a built in breast formation.
  • After a mastectomy, your breast size will have changed, so bear that in mind when you are choosing your bra.
  • You will have to consider the features that you require from your bra. Do you require that it is front fastening, do you require that it has no fastenings or do you require that it has a pocket to hold a surgical drain? Some types of mastectomy require that you use compression post surgery and some bras can offer that feature.
  • You will also have to decide on the style of bra that you require and the one which you would find most supportive and comfortable. You can choose from a vest type bra, underwire bra, a bra with no wire or a camisole type support. You can choose from a range of products.
  • Do you wish your bra to be plain or do you want it to be made from a lace fabric. Most mastectomy bras are soft and comfortable, so the decision is really down to personal choice.

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