It’s a routine that’s practiced worldwide: to relieve stress and pain, take a hot bath. There might be no direct medical evidence to support the theory that a hot soak will relieve pains and stress, but that doesn’t stop many people from swearing that it works.

Likewise, there is no scientific proof that cannabis soaks and other products relieve pains and inflammation, but these products work very well, judging by the following. And even after bath time is finished, other marijuana-infused products such as creams and oils have therapeutic values. Firms such as have a selection of bath products that will leave you feeling better, but they don’t test positive on a drug screen. Here are just a few of the most popular marijuana-based bath products.

  1. Getting Bombed

Bath bombs are an item that has been a bathtub staple for years. They help make your skin soft, but the scents are enough to make even the biggest problems go away. For therapeutic value, however, marijuana-based bath bombs will rejuvenate you from head to toe. And if you would rather not have the world know what you have been enjoying in the tub, that’s fine, since these bath bombs don’t’ smell like weed at all. Instead, they come in a heavenly selection of cherry blossom, citrus and snowdrops, warm vanilla sugar, and more. If you think that a hot bath and candles did the trick in the old days, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  1. A Little Dab Will Do You

If there is a group who is familiar with pain, it’s athletes. From the pros to Saturday afternoon athletes, there are probably few who understand the meaning of the word pain as they do. Fortunately, medical science has attempted to develop different pain products, but recent advances in marijuana-based pain-relieving creams offer unprecedented relief.

  1. Scrubbing It Away

There are probably few bath treatments that can rejuvenate skin better than a nice scrub. Unfortunately, many bath scrubs are loaded with chemicals that are anything but natural. A natural alternative is marijuana-based scrubs that will exfoliate and nourish your skin and leave you feeling soft and pampered. These come in several scents, too, so experience them all.

  1. Buttery Smooth

Face and body butters have been around for years. Unfortunately, the chemicals that fill these products make them questionable in value. By contrast, anyone looking for a natural alternative would do well to try a marijuana-based body butter.

These products will take feeling better in your skin to a whole new level. Perhaps best of all, since these products are natural, they can be used as often as is needed or wanted.

  1. Creams Do Double Duty

Skin creams do a lot of jobs in many homes. And why not? The lady of the house isn’t the only one with the skin. Anyone who happens to have a rash or breakout of some sort might do well to apply some marijuana-based skin cream to bring skin problems under control. Skin creams are always easy to use. Just put them on and take them off. With marijuana-based creams, they make you feel refreshed while leaving your skin its softest.

Why not turn your bath into a whole new experience with the premium benefits of marijuana-based bath and body products? Marijuana has taken the bath and beauty world by storm, with a blend of ingredients that will nourish your skin and relax you most naturally.

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