Staying fit whilst on holiday isn’t always the easiest task – could anything be worse than visiting Disneyworld, being surrounded by Mickey Mouse waffles and s’mores hot chocolates, but depriving yourself because you’re watching the waist line? I sure couldn’t think of anything worse! However, it’s become much more popular to go on holiday with the intention of staying fit, and there are some incredible destinations out there to accommodate for your fitness travel needs. If you want to have an epic holiday but stay in shape at the same time, consider some of these locations! Just make sure you get your EHIC application sorted at – wouldn’t want to suffer a pulled muscle now, would we?

  1. Restart Health Escapes, Australia

Maintaining your fitness at home is hard enough, let alone on holiday, but Restart Health Escapes are here to help by making fitness fun! By visiting this destination, you’re greeted by a range of different activities all designed to keep you in shape whilst ensuring that you’re having the most enjoyable time possible. And the best part? They offer experiences for corporate travel as well, granting you a full room and board experience, with organic healthy meals and fitness classes all included in the price!

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is a classic travel destination simply because of how cost-effective it can be to travel here! However, why not make it a fitness trip by hiring bikes around the city? Amsterdam is excellent for bike rental, with so many different bike stops dotted around the entire destination. So, instead of just walking around the iconic landmarks, why not bike instead and get those calf muscles working? This way, if you’re only visiting for a limited time, you can get all of those landmarks visited with time to spare!

  1. Crete, Greece

When you think of Greece, it’s likely that you think of those distressed, historic building and long stretch of turquoise blue sea. However, taking a fitness trip to Crete in Greece is much more different. Here, you’ll be based in the middle of a dramatic mountain range, giving you ample opportunities to climb and run to get that blood pumping. Plus, the views at the top are incredible, and you can be guaranteed that you won’t see another landscape like it on your average holiday.

  1. Puyssentut, France

Some people prefer the more vigorous side of fitness, running miles dripping with sweat and pumping iron like there’s no tomorrow. However, there is still a large portion of us who enjoy staying in shape the more relaxed way, with detoxing nutrition and calming exercises. Here, you’ll be able to stay in a stunning chateau surrounded by emerald foliage, already relaxing your mind before you set off on your fitness agenda. At Puyssentut, you can engage in daily yoga classes as well as countryside hikes and cookery classes, allowing you to take away valuable lessons for your at-home diet and teach you all about new healthy foods that you may have never known about before.

  1. Nosara, Costa Rica

For a lot of people, visiting the exact same holiday location year after year ensures safety and comfort, but sometimes it’s better to throw yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new – and this applies to you fitness travellers, too! This year, why not consider surfing in Costa Rica? People often forget about the health benefits of surfing, which a flawless posture being one of them! Costa Rica is home to some of the best surfing spots in world, for both beginners and experts, so you can’t go wrong!

We applaud you for your enthusiasm to stay fit and healthy even when abroad! It’s clear to see how easy, and not to mention fun, fitness travel can be, opening the doors to seeing many new landscapes that would never have known existed! And, for another perk, you can even work off that gross, processed food that you ate on the plane earlier (disgusting!).

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