Retirement can be a great thing, something you’ve long been looking forward to but it pays to take some time to plan what type of experiences you should want to have so that you don’t get stuck in a retirement rut and have the best years pass you by! Here are 5 things to be thinking about as you plan what to do with your retirement.

Going On A Cruise Or Long Trip

I know it sounds like a cliché to mention going on a cruise in retirement, but that cliché exists for a reason, going on an extended trip is finally possible and it can be another type, of course, but given that a cruise lets you visit multiple destinations and you can do this from the comfort of what is essentially a large floating hotel it is clearly ideal for the retired person.

Visiting Family Abroad

When you were working full-time there were no doubt many trips you would like to have taken that were just not possible with most employers only giving 2 weeks maximum for annual leave then visiting family abroad would have been difficult if they live far away. You also would not need to have that difficult think about whether you could make big family occasions abroad, such as weddings, since you won’t have to rush getting there and back.

Having The Funds To Be Able To Do This

It’s great to have all of these ideas in retirement but it’s important to take a moment to consider how you are going to fund all of this, look at David and Mary’s story, they made travelling all over a possibility by realising they could release equity in their home and use it to enjoy their retired life.

Finding A New Passion

Why not consider finding a new passion in your life, now I’m not suggesting some steamy romantic affair! Rather to look at finding a new interest or hobby, something you can really get your teeth into and learn a new skill, a sport or other recreational activity, a craft or pottery class, you could become more involved in your community and get on any number or community groups or use your time for volunteering and give something back to a charity or other local organisation. The list is really endless and what will be good and meaningful will be different for all of us, so have a good think and follow your passion.

Move To Somewhere New: Embrace A Challenge

This will sound like an extreme move and against conventional thinking of settling in to your own community when retired but what about the challenge of moving somewhere new, even abroad, but why not nothing is tying you down and you might find it refreshing and stimulating to learn a new way of life and a new culture, you could even surprise yourself by taking up the language.

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