When going to the doctor, you assume you will soon be feeling better, or having your injury treated. Now imagine that the worst has happened to you and you’ve been sick or injured and the doctor caring for you has made things worse, not better. What do you do now? Do you have a case and where do you even start?

Here Are Five Essential Things to Prove Medical Negligence:

Your Relationship with the Doctor

A key step to helping your case for medical negligence is to prove your relationship with the doctor who treated you. Whether they have been your general practitioner for years, or, if this illness was your first encounter with the doctor, this relationship is a vital part of your case, and is usually the easiest piece of the puzzle to connect.

Your Care

Proving medical malpractice means you have to prove the care you received did not meet basic standards of care, and this can be difficult. Before starting your cases, consult an attorney for medical negligence as they can work with you to prove the care you received was not accurate, or adequate for your needs. Contact Hastings Law Firm for help with your case.

Prove the Injury You Received is a Direct Result of Negligence

This is where your case may start to get tricky to prove and that using an attorney is in your best interest. You have to prove the care you received resulted in an injury, or that your injury or illness became worse because of the care you received. Expert witnesses may be called in at this point to help with your case.

The Damages

Once you have proved that you were injured as a direct result of the care you received, you will then have to determine the damages owed to you, this could be loss of wages, earnings, employment or more. You may also be able to sue for medical costs and in the event of long-term damage, you could also ask for ongoing care for your future medical needs.


Once you have had your chance to make all your claims and state your damages, your physician will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the claims that were made. If they are able to disprove any of the above, your case may be thrown out in favor of the physician.

Pursuing a medical negligence case may be overwhelming and stressful, but there are experts out there who can help with your outcome. Consult an expert if you believe you have a case, they may ask you to prove your relationship with your doctor. Once that is done, they can help you sort out if you have a case by asking you details about the injury you received during your care and that it is a direct result of the care you received.

Once that is done, you can determine your damages and what you are asking for as payment for these injuries. At the end of the day, the physician has the opportunity to defend themselves against your claim in hopes of having the case dismissed. At the end of the day, a strong case is less likely to be dismissed.

When you go through anything like this, hiring a company to get you through this difficult time like Servca UK.

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