New Year, new you? Whilst many of us re-join the gym in January, you may want to give it a second thought after reading this post! We understand that staying healthy can be costly. After all, your gym membership can easily leave you out of pocket, and buying healthy food can be just as expensive! Whilst companies such as Wizzcash payday loans might be able to help you in a financial emergency, there are several ways you can stay healthy for less this year to give you that little extra cash to help boost your budget this year. Discover five easy ways to stay healthy for less this year below.

  1. Discover Gym Membership Alternatives

Despite what many of us believe, January is one of the worst times to sign up for a gym membership. Whilst the costs of memberships are often reduced in January, it is often even better to wait until the summer months, when fewer people are seeking to sign up. Moreover, because people want to get into shape in the new year, the gym is often overcrowded, giving you an excuse to skip a session or two to not have to deal with the frustrating ordeal of all the gym equipment being used at once. If you are thinking about joining the gym, hold back for now. There are numerous alternatives that cost less than going to gym, such as using workout videos at home or going for a run or bike ride.

  1. Buy Frozen Fruit & Vegetables

Buying frozen fruit and vegetables can considerably help you save money on the cost of healthy food. Moreover, when buying frozen fruit and vegetables in bulk, you will save even more on the cost! For those that are worried that frozen fruits and vegetables are not as healthy as fresh fruits and vegetables, you will be pleased to know that they are in fact just as nutritious, if not more so.

  1. Grow Your Own!

If you haven’t already considered growing your own fruit and vegetables, you should! Not only can maintaining a garden be a fun activity, but it also helps you save money on some of your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs. There are many reasons as to why growing your own food is a great idea. Alongside saving money on expensive shop-bought produce, fresh fruit and vegetables hand-picked from your own garden taste far better than those you can buy in your local supermarket – and who can resist the pride that comes with home grown fruit and vegetables?

  1. Track Activity With Your Phone

Did you know that you can transform your phone into the ultimate fitness tracker? Today, you don’t need a fancy gadget to track your steps or map your run, you can use your mobile phone! There are numerous apps you can download for free that enable you to track your run, steps and even record your daily calorie intake, which is perfect for those who are not quite ready to fork out hundreds of pounds on popular gadgets. Whilst activity trackers are a great way to get insight into your activity, your mobile phone can do just as good a job – if not better – for less!

  1. Carry A Water Bottle

A great way to stay healthy for less this year is by carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go. Not only will replacing juice, fancy coffees and other sugary drinks with tap water help save you a significant amount of money over time, but it is far healthier, and thus you will boost your overall health without even realising.  There are numerous benefits when it comes to drinking water, including that water increases your energy level and relieves fatigue, as well as boosts your immune system. A healthy immune system is paramount to enable your body’s systems to function at optimum levels to ensure you don’t get sick.

There are numerous ways you can stay healthy for less this year. Whilst eating healthily on a budget can be challenging, buying frozen fruits and vegetables or even growing your own can help you save a significant amount of money overtime. Similarly, by exploring gym membership alternatives, you may not even have to pay an extortionate fee to get fit. Whilst many of these tips require a little research or trial and error, you will certainly thank us when you can spend your considerable savings on the finer things in life, such as booking an exotic holiday.

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